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The NEW Lakeside at Waterman Village Retirement Community

Waterman Village Independent Living Information Center address link ( Google Maps ): 

  150 Waterman Avenue, Mount Dora

Phone: (352) 385-1120       


Open Monday through Friday from 8-4:30 and evenings and weekends by appointment

Lakeside is Waterman Village’s second retirement community. Lakeside opened in 2022 and is located directly across the street from The Oaks at Waterman Village.  Lakeside offers independent living apartments in addition to duplex homes, whereas The Oaks offers duplex homes only.

When you inquire or visit, you’ll enjoy a calm, friendly, NO pressure environment. We frequently hear from visitors to Waterman Village express to us about the high/uncomfortable level of pressure they experienced when visiting other retirement communities.  They always say how refreshing it is to work with Waterman Village.  We place zero pressure on our retirement living counselors.  We strive to live by the ‘Golden Rule’ in all we do.

Lakeside has a gatehouse that is staffed 24/7


The Waterman Village information center is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and evenings and weekends by appointment. Our Waterman Village independent living information center specialists are Cheryl, Ingrid, Abe, Alondra, and Coleen. They are all eager to help you and share with you more information about the Waterman Village mission and ministry since 1989.

Address link ( Google Maps ):    150 Waterman Avenue, Mount Dora

Phone: (352) 385-1120       


If you’d like, we can send you a SKYPE link so we can video conference.  It’s very easy and there is nothing you need to download.

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