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We invite you to compare Waterman Village’s dining options and program. The quality and choice are hard to top as well. Many of our residents visited retirement communities across the state and told us Waterman Village had the best overall dining program of all the communities they had visited. Whether you live at THE OAKS or LAKESIDE, you have SIX dining options to choose from! Hard to find this many dining options at any other Central Florida Full-Service Retirement Community. It’s really a great benefit, as our residents testify.

Lakeside SAVOR dining room menus

Lakeside BREW BAR sandwich menu

Lakeside BREW BAR breakfast menu

Lakeside SPORTSBAR dining menu


Past menus for the Oaks LODGE and CAFE dining venues

Everyday menu and plant based menu (very nice additional menus to choose from, if you don’t particular care for what’s on the day’s menu).







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