Why Waterman Village?

Below, are just a few of the reasons why people researching communities across Florida, and the U.S., have chosen to make Waterman Village in Mount Dora, FL, their 'full-service', 'progressive', 'multi-level of living' retirement community of choice.  Meet Pat & Jack, who recently moved in:

  1. USA today ranking of Mount Dora, FL, as the#1 small town in Florida and #4 in the nation, to retire to.
  2. The nursing home component, The Edgewater, being a FIVE STAR rated facility, by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid services.
  3. Waterman Village is a not-for-profit organization, with close to 30 years of operational expereince.  It's locally owned and operated.  Nor is it managed by an 'off-site' management company or part of a 'corporate chain'.  One of the few communties like this in Central Florida, that offers independent living, assisted living, and a nursing care facility all on the same site.  The community does not have to budget extra income, in order to meet the income goals set forth by owners, corporations, investors, or management companies.
  4. The Brain Wellness Academy for Seniors
  5. Family and friends are more excited and eager to visit them, because there are so many unique things to see and do in Mount Dora. For more information, visit www.GoMountDora.com
  6. The outpatient rehabilitation physical therapy clinic right on campus.
  7. Waterman Village is conveniently located close just about everything, which is extremely important as one ages. The community is less than one mile from an Urgent Care Center (open 7 days a week), Publix, Walgreens (walking distance), a dry cleaner (walking distance), car wash, CVS drug store/pharmacy, Firestone Auto Care, several insurance agencies, the Mount Dora Library, dentists' offices, physicians' offices, two veterinarian clinics, attorneys' offices, Lowe's Home Improvement and Ace Hardware stores, Mount Dora Police and Fire, several churches and a synagogue, Chrysler/Dodge dealer, Quest Lab., numerous banks (Chase, SunTrust, United Southern, First National, BBT, & Bank of America), and a variety of restaurants. It's just over one mile from the Mount Dora Center for the Arts, downtown Mount Dora, Ice House Theatre, Lakeside Inn, Hampton Inn, Ford and Buick dealers, Country Club of Mount Dora, and a health food store. And, it's only a few miles from the highly regarded Florida Hospital Waterman. Having all these places nearby, helps residents stay independent longer (do things on their own), stay active longer (engaged in the local community), and often enables them to drive longer.
  8. 24/7 staffed/gated entry, as well as on-campus security 24/7.
  9. The freedom to move out.  At some continuing-care retirement communities, residents may have to pay entrance fees of several hundred thousands of dollars, with no refund provisions after just a few years of residency. There are legitimate times where a resident who moves into this type of community, needs or desires to move out for one reason or another.  Knowing they would not receive any of their entrance fee monies back, can leave them feeling very trapped, discouraged, and remorseful.
  10. Community agreement type.  According to a report by the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA), the average full service retirement community independent living resident, will live in the community skilled nursing facility section for only 9 months.  Therefore, the average person is financially better off not paying a excessive high entrance fees, that are non-after a few years, just so they can receive a slight discount (if any), on a potentially brief stay in the community's skilled nursing facility.
  11. The large skilled nursing (120 beds) and assisted living (78 apartments) facilities, greatly increasing the chance that space will be available if needed.  Some retirement communities have much smaller facilities.
  12. Location away from a Florida coast (no direct hurricane hit).  The higher elevation of Waterman Village, makes it much less susceptible to flooding.
  13. The dining experiences, citing food quality, choice, quantity, and cost.
  14. Waterman Village has more independent living activity staff to keep your calendar full.  We employ two full-time activity/social directors, a full-time brain fitness coordinator, and a two full time personal fitness trainer.
  15. Waterman Villages' offering of independent living, assisted living, and nursing care ALL on the same campus Residents have prepared planned their own futures . . . . minimizing the need for others having to make difficult and often complex decisions FOR them, in the future.
  16. The "Home for Life Intention".  It's Waterman Village's goal that residents be able to remain at Waterman, even if they should happen to run out of funds due to no fault of their own.
  17. Waterman offers complimentary transportation both on campus (to and from entertainment, activities, dining facilities) and off campus (to and from shopping, local services, and medical appointments in Leesburg, Mount Dora, Eustis, Tavares, St. Patrick's church, etc.).
  18. Florida Hospital, which is located nearby, accepts traditional medicare with medicare supplemental insurance, as well as certain top rated Medicare Advantage plans. 
  19. Residents pay no Florida state income tax.
  20. The Waterman campus offers spacious and safe walking areas, day or night.  
  21. The active Wellness Center programming and facilities.
  22. In a research study, loneliness was a significant factor in poor health: https://www.aarp.org/research/topics/life/info-2014/loneliness_2010.html  COME JOIN US!
  23. The full service Waterman Village home care agency is located right on the campus. Important for 'continuity of care' and medical record info. coordination.  This service has enabled many independent living residents to stay in their homes longer, as well as avoid a move to assisted living or nursing care altogether.  Home care employees are drug tested and background checked, providing additional peace of mind.
  24. The CVS at Waterman Village pharmacy, is very convenient. Actually 'get-to-know' your pharmicist.
  25. Attractive, mature, tree-lined, beautiful, shaded streets.  A 'neighborhood' feel. 
  26. The full-service dental office within walking or golf carting distance.
  27. The full-service physicians clinic located within walking/golf carting distance
  28. The Garden of Life Fellowship Hall (chapel) and Chapel Fellowship church congregation.
  29. The 'comfortable/homey/ friendly' feel, that Waterman Village uniquely offers.
  30. The complimentary 'Virtual Concierge/Personal Assistant' service.