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Resident Committee Application Form


The Committee serves as a liaison between the Activities Director and the Residents.  The goal is to assist in planning and implementing a well-rounded recreational program for all residents.  This includes but is not limited to, requesting special activities, assisting with special events, recommending entertainment, eateries, outings of interest, monthly speakers, educational tours, information, etc. 


The Culinary Committee acts as a liaison between the Culinary Services Department and the Residents.  Its mission is to ensure that resident needs and concerns are met. 

Home and Grounds

The purpose of this Committee is two-fold: To serve as a liaison between the Plant Operations Department and Residents as to the interior and exterior of the homes to ensure proper care, repair, and safety; To serve as a liaison regarding landscaping to help ensure a clean, safe, and attractive community.  This also includes input as to the seasonal beautification of the grounds.


The purpose of this Committee is to welcome and orient new residents to our community.  The Committee Chairman will be advised of new residents’ arrival date, at which time a selected member is assigned to greet them.  Upon arrival, Committee members discuss living in the community, offering any information and assistance desired.  He or she may introduce the new resident to other residents and may accompany them to dinner.  Follow-up visits may be made as needed to acquaint newcomers with various facets of life in Waterman Village.


The objective of this Committee is to provide an attractive facility and a wide selection of appropriate books, magazines, and literary programs.  We hope it will give opportunities for increased enjoyment, knowledge, and stimulation through reading here at Waterman Village.  Members process and catalog all books, including memorial gift items and donations.  The Committee is also responsible for purchasing new books within our budget and recycling and donating books to other organizations.  The Committee plans book reviews and other events throughout the year.


The Committee will serve in an advisory role to the Marketing Department.  The goal is to provide input regarding advertising and marketing projects that the Department undertakes.  The Committee members will also seek input from other residents and serve as a liaison between the residents and the Marketing Department.

Spiritual Advisory

The Committee’s mission is to give guidance and counsel to the development of the spiritual life of the residents, including overseeing weekly Bible classes, Sunday worship services, and quarterly memorial services.  The Committee is very sensitive to the diversity of the resident’s spiritual interests.


The Sunshine Committee members serve as a support group and liaison between the residents, and provide those who are ill or may have suffered a loss with appropriate cards.  To assist them, Waterman Village notifies the Committee when someone is sick or admitted to a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility.



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