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Why Gordon & Amy Chose the Warmth of Lakeside at Waterman Village Over Other Retirement Communities in FL & Beyond

June 7, 2021

Gordon and Amy Baird currently reside at a 55+ community in Florida, about two hours west of Orlando. Over the past few years, they have been proactively considering their next step and realize that the 55+ community will not bring them the long-term peace of mind, community lifestyle and financial stability they value. Plus, they’re seeking an Americana-style hometown that is reminiscent of their New England roots.

As part of this important search, Gordon and Amy have diligently done their homework, visiting and researching retirement communities in both Florida and New England, all in search of the perfect fit. The couple even visited some communities multiple times, but always kept their options open.

To their delight, the Bairds heard about our community through friends, and it wasn’t long before they ended up among the very first group of people who will move here to Lakeside at Waterman Village in early 2022. Here’s why this energetic, friendly couple chose our exciting neighborhood expansion.

Seeking—and finding—warmth and hometown charm at Waterman Village

Gordon and Amy were on the verge of committing to another community on the west coast of Florida, nearly signing on the dotted line to make it their forever home.

“But, when we went to sign, we didn’t—there was just something lacking,” Amy said.

So instead, Gordon and Amy went to visit friends at the existing Waterman Village community (The Oaks) here in Mount Dora, Florida. They found here what the other communities were lacking, and it was a major factor in choosing this brand-new Lakeside neighborhood as their next home.

“There is a warmth about Waterman,” Amy explained. “It’s a very warm and congenial atmosphere. We talked to the people, talked to the staff; there was no pressure from the marketing team. Everyone was helpful and informative.”

Plus, the Bairds discovered that Mount Dora provides the perfect blend of Florida sun and classic hometown charm they sought.

“Although we have a granddaughter who works at a community in the northeast, we couldn’t go back to that climate. The more we got to know the area and Mount Dora better, the more attractive to us it became,” Amy added.

The fondness for our charming hometown of Mount Dora is no surprise, as it’s been nicknamed the “New England of the South,” and even has been ranked as the No. 1 retirement destination in Florida by USA TODAY. Here, Gordon and Amy could enjoy the hometown feel that evokes their northeastern roots, with none of the snow!

Sealing the deal

“Where we currently live [in Spring Hill, Florida], we’re about a two-hour drive to Mount Dora,” Gordon explained. “So, we didn’t take part in the Lakeside luncheons or events, but we had great interactions with the marketing team of Pamela, Ryan and Jeff.”

Even though they couldn’t participate in the engaging and informative events that we host, Gordon and Amy didn’t need many chances to make up their minds.

“We had two-and-a-half visits, then we signed,” Gordon said. “The whole crew has taken good care of us. It was a lot of phone calls and emails. They keep us well informed. Never any high pressure and we felt very comfortable.”

“It’s been a good experience, and this decision has been almost five years in the making,” Amy added. “We’re very comfortable with this decision we’ve made and we’re extremely excited. We’re sharing it with our friends, too!”

A bright, exciting future

Construction is rolling right along, and this brand-new neighborhood is rapidly taking shape along the shores of shimmering Lake Margaret. Perhaps more than ever, excitement for and interest in Lakeside at Waterman Village are at their peak.

Amy agrees: “It’s attractive and exciting watching this whole process take place. With the excitement of being the first occupants at this stage, it’s fun being able to see this whole thing really come alive.”

And once the doors do officially open in the spring of 2022, Gordon and Amy will be able to enjoy a lifestyle that will keep them active, independent and happy for a long, long time.

“We’re hoping to take advantage of all the delightful and stimulating programming,” Amy said. “We look forward to staying active alongside like-minded friends and new acquaintances. Lakeside’s approach to aging is so positive and uplifting.”

Plus, no matter what the future holds, the Bairds find it important that Waterman Village is a total retirement solution with on-site care if it’s ever needed. That element alone is particularly meaningful to Gordon, Amy and their three children.

In the meantime, Gordon says that he and Amy are ready, basically already downsized and just waiting until Lakeside is ready for them. Fortunately, they won’t have to wait too much longer before they’ll enjoy their brand-new Crossbill residence and the rest of this resort-like neighborhood surrounding the gleaming lake.

Will you be joining them? It’s not too late to reserve your own spot here in sunny Mount Dora. Click here or call 352-385-1120 to get in touch for a personal appointment!

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