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The Oaks at Waterman Village. Waterman Village’s flagship retirement community since 1989.


The Oaks is Waterman Village’s ‘flagship’ retirement community that was founded in 1989. Independent living homes grace the beautiful tree-lined streets in the The Oaks neighborhood. It truly looks and feels like a ‘neighborhood, with no two homes exactly alike. 

The Oaks residents have priority access to the Bridgewater Assisted Living apartment residence and the Edgewater Health & Rehabilitation Center, located right on the same campus as The Oaks.  The Waterman Village Home Care agency and the Waterman Village Outpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Clinic are also both ideally located right on The Oaks campus.  Three dining venues, the Chapel Fellowship church, the Brain Wellness Academy for Seniors, a fully equipped wellness center, dental offices, doctors offices, an insurance agency, and a real estate office are all ideally located on/or adjacent to The Oaks campus as well.

According to senior living industry expert of 35 years, Jeff Bassett, choosing a retirement community that has a gatehouse that’s staffed 24/7, should be one of the first criteria that people ought to consider, when searching for one.

Meet The Oaks information center staff (below). Over 65 years of combined senior living experience between them!

Cheryl – from Wisconsin          Bonnie – from Michigan                  Lorena – from Texas                  Jeff – from Ohio

The Oaks Information Center is open M-F from 8-4:30, and evenings & weekends by appointment. Cheryl, Bonnie, Lorena, and Jeff are happy to assist you.

It’s located at 141 Waterman Avenue, Mount Dora, FL, 32757

To request more information on The Oaks, you can phone: (352) 385-1126 , email:, or fill out our information request formWe can also set up a ZOOM meeting, GOOGLE DUO call, or APPLE Facetime meeting.



The Oaks uniquely offers a life-lease fee refund plan, where residents can receive between 75 – 85% back of their original life-lease fee that they paid, no matter how many years they live at The Oaks.  Not only does this help the vast majority of The Oaks residents save money, just as importantly, it helps them avoid a feeling of ‘being trapped’. Because, if an Oaks resident ever desires/needs to move out, and this does happen, they can choose an option where they will still receive the bulk of their original entry/life-lease fee that they paid, back.  Unlike some communities, where after you’ve lived there only a few years, there is a much lower percentage of refund back, or, there is no refund back at all if one desires to move out.  A very important factor to consider before you choose a CCRC (continuing care retirement community), life-plan community, life-care community, progressive living community, or multi-level of living community. We frequently hear from people who are very saddened and distraught, having lost several hundreds of thousands of dollars, because they desired/needed to move out of a community and didn’t receive any of their original entry fee monies back.

Similarly, some retirement communities require large entry fees, that are completely non-refundable after just a few years of residency, in order to offer a discounted rate in the community’s on-campus nursing home if it’s ever needed.  For the vast majority of people, statistics show this is not a wise financial decision.  Why? 

  • Nearly all of Waterman Village’s independent living residents who require services in Waterman Village’s on-site nursing center, require it only on a ‘short-term’ basis.  And, these short term stays are often already covered by their Medicare and/or insurance plans. 
  • There are only 3 residents in Waterman Village’s nursing center’s ‘long-term’ area, who formerly lived in Waterman Village’s independent living area. 
  • The services of Waterman Village’s home health care agency, has reduced the need for ‘long-term’ nursing home care.
  • There is only one situation here at Waterman Village, where one spouse is living in an independent living residence, and the other spouse is living in Waterman Village’s long term nursing center area.

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