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Meet The Andersons: Founding Members Focused On The Future

March 30, 2020

It’s often said that to create peace of mind, one must have a plan, even in uncertain times. Planning ahead and considering multiple scenarios allows you to prepare—not just logistically, but emotionally—so that you can move forward with confidence and energy.

Planning ahead is exactly what Sherry and Joel Anderson have done. After considering their options for the retirement lifestyle they want to enjoy, they created a path forward that has given them options for an ideal future. Peace of mind? They’ve got it.

The Andersons originally joined the waitlist at Waterman Village as a proactive choice for their future. And when plans for Lakeside at Waterman Village were announced, the Andersons became Founding Members for this exciting community expansion.

“We saw all the plans for Lakeside at Waterman Village and got really excited about it,” Joel said. “So, we decided to stay on the waitlist at Waterman Village while also making our reservation deposit for the new part of the community.”

Sherry explained why regardless of which part of Waterman Village they will eventually reside in, they’re making the next logical step in life.

“It’s really the idea of it as a proactive choice for our future,” she said. “We live in a golf course community now and we’ve seen couples like us who have a house but have become unable to take care of it. We don’t want that to happen to us. We wanted to plan ahead and find a place where we’re happy and where everything is taken care of. And that includes if we ever need any ongoing healthcare in the future, we want it to be all on the same campus like it is at Waterman Village.”

“A lot of people we talked to where we live now simply want to stay here,” Joel added. “But what they may not realize is that if their needs change, they would be forced to move or even live separately from their partner if they’re not in the right environment for their needs. Avoiding that scenario is a big reason why we chose to make our reservation.”

With their reservation made—and peace of mind attained for today and tomorrow—the Andersons now have time to prepare for when doors open at Lakeside at Waterman Village in late 2021.

Time to transition 

“Now we have plenty of time to downsize and get everything ready while we’re still able to handle it all,” Sherry added. “Downsizing is not easy. We started working on it last year and it will probably take us the rest of this year to get it done.”

Fortunately, Waterman Village provides resources to help individuals and couples make a seamless transition, and the Andersons have already taken advantage of the opportunities to get a head start.

“A few weeks ago, we went to a seminar at The Oaks at Waterman Village and it gave us a lot of information about the transition process,” Sherry shared. “A real estate agent and a senior move specialist were there to answer our questions. When the time gets closer, we will meet with the senior move specialist, who will help with the final downsizing phase and all the logistics. And because we already know we’ll be living at Lakeside at Waterman Village, they know what floor plan we chose and they could even tell us what would fit in our new place.”

That new place, a Starling residence in the Lakeside Grand building, will be more than worth the short wait for Sherry and Joel.

Starting their ideal future in the Starling

Deciding on a new home is exciting, especially when it’s a brand-new, maintenance-free residence at Lakeside at Waterman Village. In Sherry and Joel’s case, their choice of the Starling two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence will situate them in the center of the action.

“One of the things I’m most excited about is living in the Lakeside Grand building,” Joel said. “Everything is right there, and all you have to do is take the elevator down to the main restaurant or sports bar; there will be three distinct dining venues in addition to three more just across the way at the current Waterman Village site.”

Sherry also noted her favorite, easily accessible perks, “The pool and exercise center are right there in the building, and there will be so many activities. We also get a free membership to the Country Club of Mount Dora so anytime we want to play a round, it’s just 10 minutes away.”

And when the Andersons aren’t enjoying the resort-quality amenities throughout Lakeside at Waterman Village, you’ll find them enjoying the waterside view from the lanai of their customized Starling residence.

“We just love sitting out on our lanai in the warm evenings,” Joel explained. “Our new home will have a corner balcony with a view from the fourth floor, so we’re really looking forward to a lot of relaxing and chilling out up there.”

Already having fun as Founding Members

As Founding Members, Sherry and Joel have received some special benefits (beyond just the pre-construction pricing) and have enjoyed special opportunities to meet their future neighbors who will join them at Lakeside at Waterman Village.

“We’ve had activities to attend since last November to get to know other Founding Members,” Sherry said. “We’ve had meet-and-greets, sunset dinner dances, lunches at the Mt. Dora Yacht Club and more. They’ve also hosted smaller info sessions where we’ve gotten to meet Waterman Village CEO [Andrew Dujon], Waterman Village’s Chef Paul and even a member of the construction team.”

With so much already happening before the expansion has even broken ground, Lakeside at Waterman Village boasts its own “community without walls” as Founding Members like the Andersons eagerly await move-in day.

With their decision made and their plans for the future secured, Sherry and Joel can enjoy the peace of mind they’ve created for themselves.

“What it comes down to is, ‘What is really important to you?’” Sherry said. “We made this choice after asking ourselves what we enjoy the most and what will fit our wants and needs. And that’s what we did, and that’s why we’ll be living at Lakeside at Waterman Village.”

If your retirement goals align with Joel and Sherry’s and you’d like to have peace of mind for the future—no matter what it brings—now is a great time to get in touch about becoming a future resident at Lakeside at Waterman Village. Simply click here or call 352-385-1120 to get in touch. Our friendly team of Abe, Pamela and Ingrid is here ready to help!

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