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Meet Ingrid Fucella: Creating an Exciting Move-in Experience at Lakeside at Waterman Village

December 7, 2021

“I was here when we first started selling homes before pricing and floor plans were finalized,” Ingrid Fucella, the move-in coordinator for this soon-to-open waterfront community, said. Ingrid has been a part of the Waterman Village family for nearly 5 years, and she now leads the move-in efforts for all the energetic new neighbors at Lakeside. Learn why she—like so many others—is so excited about what’s coming soon to Mount Dora.

From Edgewater to Lakeside

Ingrid started working with Waterman Village, the sponsor of this brand-new neighborhood, at the Edgewater skilled nursing facility. At Edgewater she assisted the executive director, David Nwogu. Through her work helping with the redesign and renovation of Edgewater—in addition to her regular job duties—David saw Ingrid’s eye for design and style. So, as the Lakeside at Waterman Village project evolved, Ingrid became a perfect fit for the new position of personalization coordinator.

“I already loved designing and styling spaces, my colleagues knew it, the higher-ups knew it, so they came to me first. I said yes immediately, and they were happy,” she explained. “When the personalization phase concluded, my role evolved into that of move-in coordinator.”

Today, some of Ingrid’s responsibilities include verifying that the personalized selections residents made for their new homes are ready when it is time to move in. She explained, “When the personalization process is in place and future residents have selected their finishes, it’s time for me to go to the actual site and make sure the actual finishes are put into place. Whether it’s the standard palette or something extra, it’s my job to make sure that it is in their home.”

A helping hand

Ingrid shared that she will also work to ensure that the move-in process for residents goes smoothly for our upcoming opening. She explained that she helps future residents determine when they will move into their homes based on when their homes will be ready, and she also helps with final paperwork. Further, Ingrid oversees helping residents handle the logistics of moving: “I help them find a moving company, a moving manager and assist them through the process. I’m making a lot of phone calls and making plans, scheduling walk throughs and actual move-ins. It’s very exciting for both of us.”

Ingrid also goes above and beyond to help future Lakeside residents select what furniture to rightsize into their new homes. She explained, “The residents often want to make sure their furniture matches the finishes they’ve picked.”

Ingrid explained that residents at Lakeside will be eligible to move in during phases based on when the new homes are complete and ready for occupancy. When the exciting day finally arrives, Ingrid will be there to greet each new resident or couple, their family and the move-in company and/or manager to make sure everything goes smoothly. She might even help with unloading!

What’s next: Excitement

Ingrid said with a smile that she’s most excited about everything that’s been accomplished. “I’ll talk to my colleagues, and we’ll say, ‘Oh my gosh, do you remember when we first started offering Lakeside residences for reservation?’ We didn’t have pricing, floor plans, or brochures. We only had the community concept and descriptions of what was to come. People were able to see the vision and wanted to be part of it. We had folks who signed up at the very first seminar. Now they’re moving in spring of 2022. For them to have stuck with us, believe in us, and follow what we’re doing is greatly appreciated.”

Ingrid remarked that future residents are excited for many things, and many have pointed to the maintenance-free lifestyle that Lakeside at Waterman Village will provide. She noticed future residents say, “Thank goodness I don’t have to take care of anything in a few months, like when something breaks or mowing the lawn.” Further, the residents have enjoyed and plan to continue taking advantage of the many opportunities to meet their future like-minded peers. “They say ‘I met so-and-so and I’m excited to become their neighbors.’ They have each other’s phone numbers, meet in person and game together online. They try to come to every event so they can see their neighbors and begin building relationships.”

Ingrid closed by saying that the future residents are “so excited for the next chapter and the waterfront lifestyle.” If you’re interested in taking advantage of an active, wellness-promoting lifestyle by the water that empowers you physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, be sure to secure your spot at Lakeside at Waterman Village. Our community is already full of intriguing future residents who are excited to meet you. If you’re interested in touring one of our luxurious floor plans, contact us at 352-385-1120. Don’t wait to book your tourfewer than 15 residences remain!

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