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Looking for Senior Living Residences in Florida? Here’s Why Communities Like Lakeside at Waterman Village Rise to the Top

July 15, 2021

Making the decision to move to a senior living residence is a big one, and it comes with a lot of choices. This is especially true in Florida, where there are many communities from which to choose. How can you possibly know which one is right for you?

There are the “big-box” communities that can be overwhelming, less personal and sometimes have a cruise ship mentality where you might feel pressured to join. Then there are the smaller, more intimate communities where you can settle in and be yourself. As with buying a car, it’s important to look under the hood of different types of senior living residences and really get a feel for the neighborhood so that you can actually see yourself living there.

What’s great about senior living communities like Lakeside at Waterman Village is that you can find a strong sense of community that you don’t always find in big cities. Lakeside at Waterman Village is located in gorgeous Mount Dora, ranked by USA Today as the #1 top Florida small-town retirement spot. People will know and recognize you when you’re out and about. Along with luxurious homes, you’ll enjoy excellent amenities such as new fine dining restaurants, a sports bar, a new state-of-the-art fitness center, and a beautiful outdoor pool and spa. Plus, all residents receive a free membership to The Country Club of Mount Dora. Thoughtful touches that are hard to find elsewhere include underground parking, screened porches and balconies, and lovely lakeside views.

A lot of folks from the Midwest and northeast choose Florida as their retirement destination. Many are drawn to Florida for the sunshine, tax breaks and beautiful beaches. But just because you choose to move to a new area doesn’t mean you don’t relish a bit of home. Many people still desire to live somewhere with charm and warmth, where people know each other’s names and faces when they walk into a store or restaurant. Dubbed the “New England of the South,” Mount Dora is known for its active arts community, antique shops and lighthouses.

Don’t Limit Your Discussions to Salespeople – Talk to Your Future Neighbors

As you’re on your journey of evaluating and selecting a retirement living community, you will want to talk to people who are truly in the know – the residents who actually live there. While Lakeside at Waterman Village is currently under construction, you can talk with people who live in the existing Waterman Village Retirement Community, The Oaks or with future residents who are planning on moving to Lakeside at Waterman Village once it’s built.

In contrast to a huge community like The Villages where you may interact with several salespeople along the way, Lakeside at Waterman Village has a small marketing team of just three people: Pamela, Ingrid and Abe. They will take the time to know you and understand your unique needs and desires, rather than leave you feeling like a number.

Don’t Let Healthcare Be an Afterthought

When searching for senior living residences, one important thing to note is that some communities include on-site healthcare and some do not. For example, communities like Waterman Village offer the complete spectrum of on-site healthcare, since most people need it eventually. For that reason, many people prefer this type of “total retirement solution.”

By contrast, some types of senior living communities, you may find that if your health needs change, or those of your spouse or partner, you may have to move to a completely different place to receive the care you need. More people prefer to remain at home in their community that has everything they’ll need and want for today…and tomorrow.

In fact, having access to appropriate healthcare is precisely what allows you to remain at home rather than having to move again if your healthcare needs ever change. This is what sets Lakeside at Waterman Village apart as a total retirement solution.

Choose a Community with Touches of Home

Today, a sense of caring and camaraderie is what many people say they are searching for in senior living. You are not just moving into a new home and community; you are realizing the lifestyle you deserve. Retirement is no longer about slowing down; it’s about setting yourself free to spend your time doing what you really want to be doing. Now you can finally invest in your health and well-being by pursuing hobbies, friendships and other simple pleasures. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

As you consider the senior living residences in Florida, take a look at Lakeside at Waterman Village before it’s too late. Click here or call 352-385-1120 for a free information kit. This brand-new community surrounding Lake Margaret will be ready to welcome you in the spring of 2022, but spots are selling quickly, so don’t wait!

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