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Building a Bridge Between Lakeside and Waterman Village

May 5, 2022

When you become a resident at Lakeside at Waterman Village, you’re able to take advantage of more than what’s available on a single campus. As a resident of our fun community, you’ll also have access to another Waterman Village community, The Oaks. Thanks to a bridge that’s being constructed, the two campuses are now just a short golf cart ride away. Discover how you can easily make the most of our two beautiful campuses.

Location of the bridge

Andrew Dujon, President and CEO of Waterman Village, is very excited about the opening of this connection between the communities. The bridge rests over the main road between Lakeside and Waterman Village. This will be exclusive for our residents and provide the opportunity to get to know one another. “Who knows what you’re going to encounter? You’ll have another opportunity to say ‘hello, good morning, good afternoon.’” Plus, the bridge also gives Waterman Village staff easy access to each campus. “It’s very beneficial for our staff because it’s a safer way for them to get back and forth. Now our housekeepers can just jump in their golf carts and run across the bridge,” Dujon says.

With the bridge, residents at both Waterman Village and Lakeside will be able to enjoy the other’s full campus of amenities. Dujon says, “Residents at Waterman Village can take advantage of lakeside views. Residents at either campus can have a different experience with every meal every day. Different amenities are available at each campus for residents to enjoy.”

This new physical connection makes it easier for residents from each community to join committees and activities at the other campus. Dujon says, “We’ve already started this initiative, adding new folks who are moving into Lakeside on committees for both campuses, so that they can be part of being heard.”

Building excitement for Lakeside

The Waterman Village residents are excited to have new residents join them in their senior living journey. “Many of the residents who come to see me ask, ‘Hey, what can I do to help these folks become part of the Waterman Village family?’” Dujon says. Their excitement began as soon as construction started. “They have front row seats to the construction and the comings and goings of people every day,” Dujon adds.

When it comes to the future Lakeside residents, Dujon says he’s seeing individuals who are “interested in who we are and what we do. I think it has a lot to do with folks wanting to figure out how to get the most out of life and to stay engaged. Here, you’ll easily find that. You’ll be in an environment where you’re surrounded by your peers. That’s where a lot of engagement opportunities are going to be.”

When asked how the Lakeside and Waterman Village communities feel, Dujon says, “It’s a little like a land cruise. You have everything at your disposal and there are various things you can do throughout the course of the day, whether it’s with a group or on your own. Plus, there’s food galore.”

That’s not all – Lakeside and Waterman Village will continue to add new amenities to keep each community active. In fact, Waterman Village did this recently. “At one point in time, Waterman Village had a putting green. We realized no one was using it, so we converted it into golf cart parking and a picnic area,” Dujon explains.

Dujon is also excited to light up the bridge and for all of Lakeside and Waterman Village to celebrate the festive holiday season. “It’s more opportunity for us to spread fun, excitement and joy, so we’ve already talked about how we plan to decorate the bridge,” he says.

Lakeside at Waterman Village is a unique senior living experience with multi-level apartments and a beautiful lake. Meanwhile, The Oaks primarily offers duplexes and quadruplexes at ground level. This means that no matter what type of retirement living you’re looking for, you can find it within the Waterman Village family. If you’re interested in becoming part of the exciting, new community that is Lakeside at Waterman Village, contact us at 352-385-1120.

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