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5 Things You’ll Find at Lakeside at Waterman Village That You Won’t Find at Any Other Retirement Community in Florida!

August 13, 2020

A fun, lively and relaxing retirement in sunny, central Florida is the stuff of dreams for many. And while lots of the larger communities offer some attractive features, up-and-coming Lakeside at Waterman Village takes the Florida retirement dream to the next level. Here are five things you will find at Lakeside at Waterman Village that you won’t find at the other retirement communities in Florida.

1) A charming, hometown feel

While some of Florida’s larger retirement communities are quite literally their own cities, there is an element to Lakeside at Waterman Village that simply can’t be built or even matched: its charm.

That charm comes from our hometown, which was special long before we arrived. We’ve mentioned before how proud we are to call Mount Dora home, the truly small-town hamlet that’s been referred to as the “New England of the South.”

Mount Dora has a reputation all its own as “Festival City,” and the fact that Waterman Village and the soon-to-be-built Lakeside at Waterman Village are both here is a big bonus to choosing this place as the bedrock of your energetic retirement.

Another benefit of choosing Lakeside at Waterman Village instead of a “retirement city” is that you will really feel more at home here alongside your neighbors and new friends. Our new neighborhood will have dozens of homes, not thousands. You will feel truly connected to this community, thanks to friendly neighbors whom you’ll see every day and a dedicated staff who will know you by name. Plus, you won’t get lost trying to find your way in an ocean of houses!

2) True peace of mind

Many large retirement communities in Florida boast their healthcare and wellness facilities and partnerships; however, they do not always guarantee your access to these resources, should the need arise. Moving to one of the city-sized options is more like a standard real estate transaction, whereas moving to Lakeside at Waterman Village is truly an investment in the secure future you seek.

Lakeside at Waterman Village presents a total retirement living solution, with guaranteed access to Waterman Village’s trusted higher levels of care if you ever need them. So you can revel in every day around shimmering Lake Margaret knowing that if your needs evolve, you will receive the care you need close to home—with virtually no increase to your monthly fee.

3) Not-for-profit support and leadership

For more than 30 years, Waterman Village has served members of its community as a distinct 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and managed entirely on-site, the Waterman Village Communities Foundation reinvests what the community earns with the specific purpose of helping everyone live their best life. Many of the retirement communities in Florida can’t say the same, and they are motivated instead by bottom lines and faraway shareholders.

Adding to this not-for-profit assurance is our Home for Life Intention, ensuring that all residents can remain at the community even if they run out of funds due to no fault of their own. Simply put, Waterman Village puts people over profits.

4) A lifestyle built from the ground up

Becoming a Lakeside Depositor at Lakeside at Waterman Village ensures that you’re getting in on the ground floor, and quite literally if you choose! This special perk goes beyond being the first owner of your brand-new home; it will be one with a location and layout you hand-picked from the available selection.

Becoming a Lakeside Depositor also means that along with other individuals and couples who have already reserved their residences, you will have a say in what the daily life at Lakeside at Waterman Village is like. You won’t be trying to fit into a new community—you’ll be shaping the community to fit you!

You and your fellow Lakeside Depositors will make the community your own by guiding what kinds of clubs, social groups, organizations and activities will be available to the Lakeside at Waterman Village neighborhood. These clubs and groups will be the pathway to forming lasting friendships from the day you take the keys.

Plus, before Lakeside at Waterman Village even opens, we’ve been steadily building a “community without walls” by hosting special events and activities for our Founding Members like Bonnie, the Andersons and the Contis to enjoy. These special lunches and outings have provided a foundation for the strong sense of community and tight-knit vibe that will make Lakeside at Waterman Village different from all the rest.

5) Views like this!

We mentioned our lovely Mount Dora location earlier, but have you seen it? Take a look at a few images that show why living here is so special. Offering vistas of one of only three freshwater lighthouses in the state, abundant waterfowl and shimmering lakes, this place often feels more like a state park than a neighborhood!

Rendering of Lakeside at Waterman Village

View from Lakeside at Waterman Village

Lighthouse at Lakeside at Waterman Village

From what seems like a universe of options for the Florida retirement you seek, we hope we’ve adequately shared why Lakeside at Waterman Village shines brightest. So, keep an eye on us—we’ve already broken ground and we’re not hard to find.

Plus, pre-opening pricing expires soon, and limited residence availability remains, making now the absolute best time to request a personalized, safe appointment. Simply click here or call 352-385-1120 to get in touch.

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