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Will I Be Able to Customize My Home at Lakeside at Waterman Village?

September 25, 2019

When you choose to make Lakeside at Waterman Village your next home, you’re doing more than just securing your future. You’re also joining a vibrant community of like-minded people in one of the country’s top-rated retirement destinations. And perhaps most importantly—and most excitingly—you’ll get to choose a contemporary residence that perfectly suits your lifestyle, customized with touches to truly make it your own.

rendering of lakeside at waterman village

Any time you move to a new space, you can do several simple things to make it uniquely yours and make it feel like home from the day you get the key. But if you have a range of contemporary customization options at your disposal before you move in, making your house a home takes on an entirely new meaning.

Lakeside at Waterman Village recognizes this and lets you go far beyond personalizing only with the décor, furniture and keepsake items you’ve brought along. All those who become Lakeside Depositors in time will have the opportunity to choose a wide array of finishes in their brand-new residence. Both standard and upgraded options will be available, setting the stage for making your new home exactly the space you’ve dreamt of.

Find the perfect finish

As a Lakeside Depositor, you’ll have the choice of contemporary finishes throughout your residence including:

  • Cabinets that provide functionality and form
  • Countertops that provide a contemporary, timeless look

Imagine strolling into your new home’s kitchen for the first time for your morning coffee and knowing that it’s specified to your liking. From the way the doors softly close on your favorite cabinets to the way your mug settles onto the sleek stone surface, it all makes you feel at ease and at home. After taking it all in, you can go about your day enjoying the maintenance-free lifestyle with your new neighbors who feel like old friends.

Set the scene throughout your space

Beyond the kitchen and bath(s), your residence will get an extra splash of personalization (and color, if you choose), thanks to your choice of paint and flooring. One of the most transformational custom touches to any space is a perfect combination of paint color and flooring, which can set your home apart and provide a visually pleasing setting every day. At Lakeside at Waterman Village, a large selection of palettes will be available to pick your favorite wall colors, accompanied by an array of flooring options and styles that will complement whichever wall hues you choose.

Whether you want your space to be filled with bold, neutral shades or to be reflective of the colors shimmering off nearby Lake Margaret, the choice is yours. And the first step toward the fun of home customization is choosing Lakeside at Waterman Village as your next step.

If any unsold residences remain by the time construction of this expansion progresses into its later stages (which seems unlikely), the customization options will become limited. For that reason, don’t hesitate – get a jump start on creating your ideal home at Lakeside at Waterman Village and connect with our team for a personalized appointment today!

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