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Relax | Overall Health and Well-being

November 10, 2023

Research shows that loneliness and/or isolation have definite negative impacts on a person’s overall health and well-being. We’ve seen numerous examples of people who were living alone in their own homes, move to Waterman Village and experience a noticeable improvement in their overall health. A few of the reasons for this improvement include:

  1. No longer have the worries of maintaining their own home
  2. Experience improved nutrition
  3. Now have access to an abundance of activity and wellness programs close by
  4. Future is planned for and there is less uncertainty about it

Yes, it may cost less for a person to remain in their own home and yes not everyone can afford a progressive/multi-level of living community like Waterman Village. But for those who can, living in an independent living residence at Waterman Village gives a person the best chance of remaining both independent and active as long as possible throughout life. Our retirement living counselors Abe, Ingrid, and Cheryl can help you ascertain if Waterman Village is within your current budget.

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