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Planning for More Security, Less Stress

December 22, 2023

“My lists have lists,” Michele quipped when discussing how much of a highly organized and determined planner she is. So, it’s no surprise that she and Jeff developed a sound plan for their retirement years. It’s a plan – with a slight change – into which Waterman Village fits perfectly.

“Our plan was to live at the house we had built in Dade City first. Second, move to an age-restricted community. Third, later move to a senior living community,” Michele explained.

“Now we’re actually eliminating that middle step because Waterman Village has everything that a 55+ community has, and more, and we don’t want to move again.”

Why We changed our Mind

“The whole reason for making the move is the security of health care facilities and health services all in one location,” Jeff added. “Not that we need it now or plan to need it, but we don’t want to move again. Moving later on would be so much harder .In addition, we both want to make the best possible plan we can. Especially to avoid or minimize the need for others having to make complex and often difficult decisions for us. Waterman Village helps us accomplish this very important goal.” As Jeff alluded to, nothing can match the peace of mind that having a strong plan for the future gives you.

Conversely, Jeff and Michele’s plan is also about taking something away: stress. “We realized we don’t want the responsibility of the home with a yard and a pool to maintain. We want less stress,” Jeff said. For her part, Michele will be less stressed because Jeff is now done with those chores. “If he never gets on a ladder again, it won’t be too soon!” she joked.

Finding the Fairway (and Their Perfect Fit)

“We were happy to find this place because it had exactly what we wanted,” Jeff said. “The complimentary membership to the Country Club of Mount Dora was really one of the things that sealed the deal.” However, playing a round on the championship course designed by Lloyd Clifton wasn’t the only factor. They look forward to enjoying Waterman Village’s paved trails, as well as the state-of-the-art fitness center. Professionally led group classes and other activities on the community’s comprehensive monthly activity calendar is very appealing. Besides that beautiful setting and luxury, resort-style living experience, Waterman Village is simply where Jeff and Michele fit best.

“We started doing our research in 2019.We gathered a lot of brochures and materials from quite a few communities,” Michele explained. “This included touring a handful of communities. When all was said and done, we went to Waterman Village. That was it! It had absolutely everything we wanted . With an ideal location that’s close to everything we need both now and in the future.The amenities, the future health services fell into this decision.”

Michele and Jeff canceled a tour at another community the next day. Why? Waterman Village had everything they were looking to find.

“Everyone we met was just so darn happy – the residents and the management team as well. We knew in our heart that it just felt right; there’s just such a warm sense of community here.

Mount Dora can’t be beat. We now know why it was ranked the number one small town in Florida to retire to. It was well worth the hour-and-a-half move from Dade City to Mount Dora.

We also discovered Waterman Village’s high lifetime refundable plans for a progressive living community were rare in the state of Florida.”

Excited to Live Their Best Lives

In addition to the friendly neighbors, Jeff and Michelle are glad they’re living here.It is an established, locally operated and managed not-for-profit community. The big plus,they genuinely puts its residents first. “Everything is such a top-shelf operation, and everything is done the right way and with such transparency,” Michele noted. “What the leadership team has said is proving to be so true: that we’ll all be living our best lives.” “We were happy to find this place because it had exactly what we wanted!”

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