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Meet Tom and Deanna Hall

October 12, 2022

For Tom and Deanna Hall, the move to Lakeside at Waterman Village from Norfolk, Virginia was a happy coincidence.  The couple had no plans on leaving Norfolk, but when the opportunity to sell their house came up, they took it! “It was time to move on, and our daughter Andrea just started looking around. She told us about Lakeside and how it receives very, very high rankings, and Mount Dora, she thought is a community we’d like,” Tom shared with us. “The problem was once we saw Lakeside, nothing else compared.”

Preparing For the Big Move

The Halls weren’t expecting to move on from their home nor had they talked about retirement plans, so everything about the process was entirely new. They agreed on making the move to Lakeside at Waterman Village after tours of other communities didn’t meet up to the experience they had while visiting the Mount Dora campus. There were hits-and-misses with the other tours, but Lakeside at Waterman Village checked off every box on their list of must-haves. “We wanted a golf cart community, an active lifestyle, and easy access to medical, and so on and it was all right here,” Deanna mentioned as she shared their requirements for a retirement community.

Mount Dora’s conveniently located shopping and community resources were a big plus for the couple after living in an area where the closest store was a 16-mile drive away. As seniors, access to medical care is also important and having medical facilities right on campus was a huge incentive for the Halls.

With the help of the Lakeside sales team, they were able to find a three-bedroom home with a garage and a beautiful view of the lake. The convenience of Lakeside at Waterman Village’s amenities truly over-delivered for the Halls and helped accommodate their downsize.

“There’s a little less stress because we have less house,” Tom told us. “We have a smaller home, but we have all the conveniences we need. We have our car and a golf cart in the garage, and those are important issues to me, and we have adequate storage for everything we want.”

Enjoying Everything Their New Home Has to Offer

The Halls have already put a few miles on their golf cart exploring the campus and its offerings.  They’ve been able to participate in fitness classes, as well as meet their neighbors and socialize at community events. Having access to on-campus restaurants makes their days easier by cutting down the need for constant grocery shopping, cooking and dishwashing. “Savor and the other restaurants, they’re outstanding. The portion size is wonderful, and you don’t leave hungry. The service is like fine dining.”

The Halls enjoy having the option of either enjoying the campus restaurants or making meals in their home. The campus restaurants are great, while their home kitchen is also amazing for cooking and hosting dinners. “We have a beautiful kitchen here, very adequate for anything we’d want to do. A big island, a formal dining room and so on. So, it’s great.” When they feel like cooking at home, the couple shares meals on their screened-in porch while enjoying views of the lake.

Tom and Deanna took some time in their first few months to explore Mount Dora and take in the shops, views and dining options. They welcomed a visit from their granddaughter recently and enjoyed getting to show her around the city. The rest of Tom and Deanna’s family are excited to visit the couple in Florida. “We have six children and a foster daughter. They’re all looking forward to coming.”

Finding Community in Waterman at Lakeside Village

Moving into Lakeside at Waterman Village has helped rejuvenate Tom and Deanna’s social life. There’s a diverse range of residents from all walks of life, and the Halls built new friendships with their new neighbors.

The couple agreed that one of the best parts of the community is the people, from the neighbors to the staff. “We have a little group of eight from all the connected houses here, and we have a great time, which is very good for the soul,” Deanna gushed as she told us how easy it’s been for the two to socialize and make friends.

Tom and Deanna’s experience can be yours! Reserve your new residence today – only a limited number remains! Reserve your place in paradise now. Call us at 352-385-1120 or fill out this form.

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