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Meet Judie Betz: Soaring into a Maintenance-Free Retirement

October 19, 2021

Judie Betz & Bella, her airplane While many folks have a difficult time deciding which retirement community is right for them, Judie Betz found her decision very easy once she became familiar with Lakeside at Waterman Village. Here’s why this enthusiastic and energetic career pilot is ready to come in for a landing at Lakeside at Waterman Village.

Flying High Into Retirement

After leaving her home state of New Jersey and attending college in Maryland, Judie began soaring to new heights at a young age. In her late 30s while she was dating a pilot, Judie learned to fly. She said she offered to learn to fly in case she would ever need to make an emergency landing while it was just the two of them in the air. So, she signed up for an introductory flight class and planned to get landing lessons after. “But, I absolutely loved flying, so I signed up for the whole flight lessons package,” she said. While some friends expressed concern at Judie learning to fly, she “took it as a challenge, and spent way more time learning to fly.” Later, Judie moved to Maryland’s eastern shore for more flying opportunities. “I commuted to work in my airplane,” she noted. After several decades in Maryland, Judie moved to Weirsdale, Florida, where she lives today. For the past 40 years, Judie has been a private pilot. “I’ve been very involved in aviation,” she said. “I eat, sleep, and live it!” Judie also uses her flying skills in her professional career. Judie is a freelance aviation writer and works as a real estate agent selling aviation-based properties. Judie even uses her knowledge of aviation to train new pilots. She has been an active volunteer in a program called the Young Eagles. Judie explained that “Pilots donate their time and airplane to help young people from age 8 to 17 see what it’s like flying a small aircraft. I have met so many great kids who have flown with me to experience the thrill of looking down on their world with a bird’s eye view. But the best part of it all is when these kids get hooked and are now giving their own Young Eagles flights, making a living as an airline pilot or teaching others how to fly as a Certified Flight Instructor. The rewards have been enormous!” Although Judie loves flying—and still flies regularly—she plans to step away from soaring the skies as much once she retires. “Who I am now and who I will be when I move to Lakeside at Waterman Village are different,” Judie said assuredly. “For my next steps, I want to do something different.” Judie still plans to be involved with the aviation community in some capacity. “I’ll still be involved in some of the clubs. That’s something I can do from Lakeside at Waterman Village.” Overall, Judie thinks that “whatever the next step is, it will be another passion,” and she is excited to see on which she lands. Fortunately, Lakeside at Waterman Village will be ripe with opportunities for connection, growth, discovery and contribution.

Judie’s Next Expedition: Lakeside at Waterman Village

As Judie aged gracefully, she wondered, “Who’s going to take care of me? Why do I have this big house, airplane, car and golf cart? I have to mow the grass, but I just mowed it, so I have to do it again… I just got a little tired of it all.” So, Judie began paying close attention to when her friends and colleagues discussed independent living options in Florida. That’s when she saw a newspaper ad about Lakeside at Waterman Village encouraging readers to attend a seminar. At the meeting, Jeff Bassett from the existing Waterman Village neighborhood discussed the exciting new opportunity at Lakeside at Waterman Village. Judie was so excited after hearing about Lakeside at Waterman Village that she put her money down “on the first day!” “I felt like I didn’t need to look anywhere else. There was no comparison. It’s all brand new, you got to pick your flooring, paint color and cabinet styles, you get to walk around the lake. Besides, it’s in Mount Dora. It’s such a unique lifestyle that I didn’t have to look anywhere else. It’s only an hour from where I live now, so if I want to stay connected to my doctors or my friends now, that’s doable. But looking forward, I like what Mount Dora has to offer. Everything is there in charming and quaint Mount Dora.” Originally, Judie wanted a smaller residence as she didn’t “want to be one of those people who just has my house all over again,” she explained. But after realizing she would prefer a little extra room for running her writing and real estate business from afar and handling aviation club duties, she opted for a one-bedroom-plus den apartment home within the stunning Lakeside Grand building. Judie said her favorite part of Lakeside at Waterman Village is the full continuum of care. “I like the fact that everything is self-contained. You can stay put right there, but if you need further care, the network is there,” Judie added. Meanwhile, the wellness-promoting lifestyle encourages residents to stay independent as long as possible.

On the Runway to Adventure

Judie has taken part in some of our depositor events and enjoyed getting to know her new neighbors with whom she’ll enter into the friendly, energetic lifestyle around shimmering Lake Margaret. She is also looking forward to meeting new people. Although Judie doesn’t know exactly what each day will look like at Lakeside at Waterman Village, she does have a few things in mind. She loves to travel and plans to continue to do so. In addition, she is excited about the pool and aquatic classes, like water aerobics, being offered at Lakeside at Waterman Village. “For the past 40 years, I’ve been 1,000 percent involved in the small aviation world. It’s time for change. I just don’t know what that change will be. We’ll find out!” If you’re just as excited to take off into your maintenance-free retirement lifestyle, consider joining us at Lakeside at Waterman Village. With our luxurious, maintenance-free residences, we truly have something for everyone. But don’t wait to become a depositor—our residences are being reserved quickly—with fewer than 20 remaining! Learn how you can reserve your residence by contacting us at 352-385-1120.

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