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Meet Bonnie Koester: Diving Into Her Next Adventure as a Lakeside at Waterman Village Founding Member

February 4, 2020

With the freedom of retirement hers to enjoy to the fullest, Bonnie Koester keeps finding ways to fuel her affinity for adventure and new opportunities. She has not slowed down.

“I’ve never not worked,” she said. “Even after we moved to Mount Dora from Ohio and settled into retirement, I wanted to work part-time.”

Once here in central Florida, Bonnie started volunteering at a local hospital where she met a fellow volunteer who was also seeking a part-time job. Bonnie and her colleague soon came across a full-time position that they could split: move-in coordinator for the existing Waterman Village community.

Joining our team at Waterman Village is what led Bonnie to her current adventure, and it’s also what has set the stage for her future.

Trying (and succeeding at) something new

Bonnie quickly excelled in a role that was completely new to her. “I had flexibility,” she explained, “so they also had me learn sales as a backup to the rest of the team.”

But everyone quickly saw she was too dynamic to only be on the team on a part-time basis.

Bonnie explained, “Eventually, after about six months, they asked me to become a full-time sales counselor. I had never worked in sales before and was new to the area and the community, but I gave it a shot!”

With her can-do attitude and eagerness to take on new opportunities, she has thrived as a crucial part of the team at Waterman Village for more than 16 years now.

And so, when a new opportunity arose—the chance to become a Founding Member of Lakeside at Waterman Village—Bonnie seized it.

A slight change of plans

“My husband and I had already thought about moving to a villa at Waterman Village,” Bonnie shared. “But once we saw the video about Lakeside [at Waterman Village], it really got our attention.”

Bonnie explained that while she and her husband, Jack, always considered moving into the existing Waterman Village community, they instead opted to be a part of the new neighborhood.

“We’re going to be new there like everyone else. Many of the people living across the street at the existing campus are folks I already know because I helped move them in; we just wanted a fresh start at Lakeside, and we wanted a brand-new home,” she continued.

Lakeside at Waterman Village: Exactly what they wanted

Aside from the brand-new home itself, Bonnie and Jack are excited to enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle at Lakeside at Waterman Village. Currently, their 20-year-old home in Mount Dora requires repairs and upkeep that they’re ready to leave behind, especially now that they’ve selected their next home.

“We made our reservation deposit, became Founding Members and picked out the exact residence we want,” Bonnie said. “We chose a third-floor Starling residence with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s a corner residence so it has plenty of windows looking out toward the lake.”

Plus, Bonnie will have a special neighbor at the new community! She said that her sister will be moving into a spacious Garden Home with a garage at Lakeside at Waterman Village. So, with her sister there, family visits will be even easier.

Looking forward to Lakeside at Waterman Village

“It’s perfect timing for us,” Bonnie shared. “It’s a couple of years from being ready to move in, but that gives us plenty of time to get ready. We’re so excited!”

Bonnie and Jack are also fortunate that they will never need to worry about their future; they chose a community with a great reputation that has been serving seniors for three decades.

“I’ve been here for a long time, so I’ve seen it all firsthand,” Bonnie said. “Waterman Village always puts the residents first. Management is superb. When I take people through on tours, current residents will approach me and make it a point to share how well they’re treated. We’re very pleased with our decision.”

Bonnie saw the opportunity to take a new adventure, and she seized it—as she’s always done—by choosing to live at Lakeside at Waterman Village.

And it’s not too late for you to do the same! You can take advantage of this amazing opportunity, too, while residences still remain. Simply click here to get in touch or call 352-385-1120 today to request a personalized appointment with our friendly team!

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