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Looking to the Future: Becoming a Depositor at Lakeside at Waterman Village

March 22, 2019

Waterman Village, Mount Dora’s not-for-profit retirement community, is looking forward to its independent living expansion, Lakeside at Waterman Village—and so are its Lakeside Depositors!

The Lakeside Depositors are a group of active older adults who have decided to make a deposit and ultimately reserve their place within this luxurious community expansion. They also have been able to select and reserve their ideal residence on a priority basis, with exclusive pre-opening customizations and incentives. By making a fully refundable deposit, Lakeside Depositors are not only securing their future homes, but also the futures that they want to have in retirement.

Joyce and Douglas Miller are two Lakeside Depositors who are looking forward to a maintenance-free retirement lifestyle at Lakeside at Waterman Village. The couple liked the idea of moving to a newly constructed community and living in the buzzing town of Mount Dora.

Joyce and Douglas are looking to the future and decided to become Lakeside Depositors.

“I’m healthy, and I would like to move into a place while I’m able to meet people and become part of the community,” Joyce said.

A maintenance-free lifestyle

When Joyce and Douglas become residents at Lakeside at Waterman Village, they will no longer have to worry about home maintenance like landscaping, home repairs and cleaning. Thanks to the community’s monthly service package, experienced professionals will handle all of these burdensome chores for them.

“We like the idea of having someone to take care of the cooking and to take care of things around the house,” Joyce said. “Not having the responsibility of having all the outside work with the expense, plus the inside upkeep, will be nice.”

At Lakeside at Waterman Village, if anything breaks inside your condo-style residence or Garden Home, the maintenance team will fix it quickly for no charge. You won’t have to wait for a repairperson and pay a premium for the service. Maintaining a house can often bring unexpected costs, but as a resident, your home will stay in working order without any surprise bills.

Instead of spending time and money on home maintenance, residents will be free to do the things they want to do like volunteer, exercise, travel, spend time with friends and family, and more.

Joyce envisions a similar lifestyle for herself at Lakeside at Waterman Village based on some of her favorite activities, saying, “I enjoy playing games and I enjoy water aerobics. I also enjoy reading, and just being with people.”

A new social circle

Another benefit of choosing a newly constructed community is the unique opportunity to meet all your new neighbors while they’re new too. It’s an optimal environment for making fast friends.

“It’s exciting to go into a new community,” Joyce said. “Because it’s new, everyone is excited and it’s a good opportunity to meet people, and make a lot of friendships; much easier than when you move into a place that isn’t new.”

Joyce added, “It’s always fun to meet new people so I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends.”

A prime location

Mount Dora, the location of Lakeside at Waterman Village, has the reputation as one of Florida’s premier small-town retirement locations. It’s often referred to as the “New England of the South,” thanks to its inviting town square, freshwater lighthouses and unique shops.

“I’m looking forward to living in Mount Dora,” said Joyce. “It’s such a nice, kind of artsy town. The shops are so interesting and fun to go through and look at. There’s so much going on.”

The community itself will be built around the shimmering waters of Lake Margaret, offering scenic, waterfront views and easy lakeside access. Residences with lake views will be limited, so don’t hesitate! For more information about Lakeside at Waterman Village and the benefits of becoming a Lakeside Depositor, give us a call at 352-385-1120, or simply click here.

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