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Looking for 55+ Communities in Central Florida? Consider Lakeside at Waterman Village!

August 22, 2019

Seniors in central Florida find many reasons to move to a 55+ community. From the included maintenance services and amenities to social activities and added security, life in a 55+ community can be a fun, carefree lifestyle. It’s truly independent living with many conveniences and benefits.

If you’re currently searching among the 55+ communities in central Florida, consider Lakeside at Waterman Village, an independent living community coming soon to Mt. Dora for those 62 and older. As an expansion of Waterman Village, Lakeside will offer all the benefits of living in a 55+ community in addition to its on-site healthcare services.

Active, maintenance-free living

Like many 55+ communities in central Florida, Lakeside at Waterman Village will also provide a maintenance-free lifestyle. Included in your monthly service package will be services like home and community maintenance, as well as landscaping and upkeep of the array of amenities offered at the community. Let the professionals take care of the hard, time-consuming work while you spend your days enjoying the weather either on the golf course, by the pool or with friends!

Lakeside at Waterman Village will provide a level of living and a lifestyle that the 55+ communities in central Florida can't match.

With comprehensive maintenance services, you’ll no longer have to worry about yard work or home repairs, or pay a lot to have professionals do the work. Plus, with dining and housekeeping services, you won’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning either. For anything else you may need, simply call our concierge who will set our team of personable staff into action.

In addition to maintenance services, many of your other current monthly charges can be eliminated with the monthly service package at Lakeside at Waterman Village. Say goodbye to paying many small monthly charges for services like a gym membership, security system, pool pass and trash removal and even utilities like water and electric. All of these costs are consolidated in the monthly service package, making it a strong value and often totaling less than your current monthly bills.

On-site healthcare services

The main difference between a 55+ community and an independent living community is access to on-site healthcare services. Although 55+ communities offer many benefits, residents at Lakeside at Waterman Village will also be able to access on-site healthcare at Waterman Village. By choosing Lakeside at Waterman Village, you’ll have all the benefits of the 55+ communities in central Florida, but with an added layer of services and security. You’ll feel confident to have a plan in place, no matter what the future may hold.

A sense of community

Creating and maintaining strong personal relationships is an important part of any person’s wellness. 55+ communities in central Florida as well as independent living communities offer the opportunity to become part of an active social environment. You’ll meet new friends and neighbors as you walk across the community, eat in the cafe and attend special events.

Whether you’re inviting your friends and family to spend time with you in your apartment home or in the community, or beginning friendships with new neighbors, there’s always someone close by to spend time with.

You’ll often find that some of your new neighbors share your same interests—whether it’s a hobby, activity, or social or environmental cause—as you explore resident organizations and clubs. If a group centering on your interest doesn’t exist, you’re encouraged to start your own, and find others in your community who care about the same things you do.

Around-the-clock security

Peace of mind is a significant benefit to people who move to a 55+ or independent living community. Both types of communities typically offer security services such as security staff, community monitoring and in-home response systems. You’ll feel safe and secure inside your private apartment home, walking around the gated community and even when you travel, knowing someone is always looking out for you and your home. You’ll never again have to worry about what you might do during an emergency or what could happen to your home while you’re away on vacation.

As a resident of Lakeside at Waterman Village, you’ll have all the benefits offered at the 55+ communities in central Florida—including maintenance-free living, social opportunities and a high level of security—with the added benefit of on-site healthcare services. You’ll have a plan in place for the future, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy each day.

For more information on the benefits of living at Lakeside at Waterman Village, the expansion of Waterman Village that’s currently underway, give us a call at 352-385-1120, or visit us online! We look forward to hearing from you!

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