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Late Summer 2021 Construction Update: Lakeside at Waterman Village Is Shaping Up to Be Spectacular

August 13, 2021

A lot has changed around gleaming Lake Margaret since our last construction update! The construction team led by Waterman Village’s Vice President of Construction and Development, Rodger Reeves, and our trusted general contractor DeAngelis Diamond, are right on track to begin welcoming people to this new neighborhood in early 2022.

Rodger was kind enough to share some exclusive updates on the construction progress of Lakeside at Waterman Village and bring everyone up to speed on what’s been happening here on-site in Mount Dora. There has certainly been a lot going on, and it seems like every day the project reaches a new milestone. Check out all the exciting details!

Residences really coming along

Lakeside at Waterman Village offers three distinct home styles: spacious villas, condo-style Lakehouses and luxurious apartment homes. Of course, a neighborhood featuring more than 150 residences grows in stages, and that’s exactly what is happening here.

First, we have the villas. Rodger shared that the villas at Lakeside at Waterman Village will be among the first finished residences in the neighborhood. Ten of the villa homes already have their driveway and sidewalk concrete poured, and eight of these sought-after residences are already even further along.

Lakeside at Waterman Villages Construction Update 1

In those villa homes, the cabinets are installed in the fully equipped kitchens, the gorgeous bathrooms are tiled, painting is complete, window and door decorative trim is done, and stately exterior stonework will be coming soon. All those contemporary touches—enhanced by your one-of-a-kind style—will make the villa homes a special kind of waterside retreat.

Second, progress is steady on Lakeside Grand, where you’ll find an array of awesome apartment homes. Because it’s the largest of the buildings at Lakeside at Waterman Village, Rodger explained that the crew is taking a phased approach with Lakeside Grand.

Lakeside at Waterman Villages Construction Update 2

The “A” and “B” sections of Lakeside Grand currently have the windows installed, and the crew recently finished up the HVAC plumbing and ducting on the upper floors. As for the “C” and “D” sections of the building that will open in the neighborhood’s final phases, “walls are going up and decorative ‘box out’ will occur soon,” Rodger said.

Third, there are the lovely Lakehouse buildings, of which there will be two: Lakehouse East and Lakehouse West. The Lakehouse buildings offer condo-style homes in a mid-rise configuration for added privacy, plus must-have features like indoor garage parking and effortless access to Lake Margaret.

Rodger explained that Lakehouse East has had most of its foundational and concrete work done, and Lakehouse West is “at just about the same stage.” And although the Lakehouse buildings will be finished toward the time of total completion of this exciting new expansion neighborhood, one recent development has made them even more desirable.

“We made a really simple change so that every Lakehouse residence will have a water view,” Rodger said. “All we had to do was order longer hollow-core slabs and we could then add sundecks, particularly for the Pintail residences. It was much simpler than anticipated.”

Plus, as the project has evolved, Rodger and his team have specified other enhancements that will make each day at Lakeside at Waterman Village even more enjoyable.

Enhanced common areas and a rare opportunity

Coinciding with the rest of the progress that the construction team makes on these brand-new homes (which you can watch live here), the amenity and common area spaces will be even better than originally planned.

Rodger and his team have opted to make some select additions to this new community that will be accessible to all. For example, there will be a rooftop patio at Lakeside Grand, a large dog park, pickleball courts, shared-use electric vehicle chargers and more.

And to enhance the community’s crown jewel, Lake Margaret, even further, Rodger noted that the lake will also include a dock for fishing and walking, a wonderful decorative fountain and an audio system to deliver waterside tunes. Did you ever imagine that a community for active older adults would include all that?

Perhaps that is why more than 130 of your peers have already reserved their residences at Lakeside at Waterman Village. Rodger predicted before construction even began that the neighborhood would be completely sold out before its grand opening, and that sure is looking like the case.

There are more construction milestones to hit before then, such as building the pedestrian and cart bridge between the new neighborhood and the existing Waterman Village community, as well as building the welcoming gatehouse. But if this update is any indication, everything will be complete before we know it.

With how quickly everything is moving here in Mount Dora, this is an opportunity you simply don’t want to miss. Click here or call 352-385-1120 today to coordinate a meeting with our friendly team. Our plan is to have the first group move in during early 2022, and we hope you’ll be among them!

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