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Get to Know Pamela Simons, Experienced Sales Counselor at Lakeside at Waterman Village

March 3, 2022

“When we first started this project, we worked from drawings of the site plan, lifestyle center and floor plans,” Pamela Simons, sales counselor at Lakeside at Waterman Village, said. Pamela has been with the Waterman Village family for almost 10 years now and could not be happier with her work. Get to know Pamela and discover the passion she brings to Lakeside at Waterman Village.

Pamela’s background

Pamela, originally from Nashville, Tennessee moved to Florida 30 years ago.  She considers herself a Floridian. With a degree in social work, Pamela worked for the state of Florida in a social work-based role. She also spent some time working at AdventHealth East Orlando as a Patient Relations Manager.  Pamela then changed career paths and opened a furniture consignment store in Mount Dora. “Decorating was a passion for me. I opened a store when consignment was huge, initially at least. I was in business for about two years, and Waterman Village was one of my best customers,” she said. That’s when Pamela began her journey in senior living. “My church purchased an assisted living community here in Mount Dora and they asked me to be the head of sales and community outreach. We joked I was a universal worker as I also managed the dining room and housekeeping.” During her time with the church, Pamela continued her relationship with Waterman Village. “I regularly called on the admissions and case management team at Waterman during my time doing sales and community outreach,” she said. Eventually, Waterman Village offered Pamela a position. “I’ve come a long way from social work to sales,” she remarked.

Pamela’s time at Waterman Village

When Pamela arrived at Waterman Village, she worked as the move-in coordinator and construction coordinator. She said, “The experience was very eye-opening. I was more experienced in the marketing and sales side. I also had to get up to speed on construction. Part of my role was also to work closely with maintenance helping the maintenance team get the homes ready for residents to move-in. As a move-in coordinator, sometimes you do have to put on your sales hat.”

Pamela is loving Lakeside at Waterman Village

Once word of Lakeside at Waterman Village got to Pamela, she was excited at the opportunities available at this exciting new community. She would have the freedom to stay with the Waterman Village family but work with the beautiful, newly developed retirement neighborhood.

“It is so exciting what we’ve been able to accomplish here as a team. I have the most amazing team members. I think that’s a contributing factor to a whole lot of the success of Lakeside. We have such a great team and I love being part of it.”

Pamela’s day as a sales counselor at Lakeside at Waterman Village

By 8:15 a.m., Pamela starts her day with what she calls a “morning boost call. It’s with the whole team here, including our administrative assistant and the move-in coordinator, Ingrid. We meet every day and go over what’s happening, what the numbers are and expectations regarding appointments.” After her morning call, Pamela begins contacting potential new residents seeking the perfect retirement community in Mount Dora. In addition, Pamela shows any guests in the information center around this beautiful community. “They get a little taste of what the new Lakeside is going to look like in colors, décor, flooring and style. We’re able to show them the model kitchen with beautiful cabinets, the powder room and more.” Further, Pamela helps answer any questions about downsizing or the moving process.

“I spend a lot of time talking and sharing about Lakeside at Waterman Village. It’s easy for me. I’ve been with Waterman Village for almost 10 years now. I really believe in what we do. It goes beyond the brick-and-mortar. I know the care and the personalization we do for the residents. Now that we have folks moving in and buildings opening soon, it’ll be even easier to talk to new individuals.”

Pamela said she is most excited to “actually see it come to pass. I was excited when they finally announced that we were building more than 150 new residences across the street from the existing community near the fantastic Lake Margaret. Initially, we just knew the concept. We had papers and pictures. But it’s been very exciting to watch it grow. From seeing the first shovel in the ground to the first concrete block, then all of the sudden it’s time to move people in.”

Pamela is one of the many experienced sales counselors at Lakeside at Waterman Village. She is proud to provide our upcoming community with excellent service to this active, wellness-promoting community. If you’re interested in taking advantage of a maintenance-free, welcoming lifestyle, consider becoming part of Lakeside at Waterman Village. Our community is excited to welcome seniors like you to join our fun-filled community in beautiful Mount Dora. To learn more about Lakeside at Waterman Village, contact us at 352-385-1120.

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