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FAQ Part 2: Answers to Your Questions About Lakeside at Waterman Village

September 28, 2022

Toward the end of June, we posted our first FAQ blog to answer questions prospective residents have asked. We were overwhelmed by the response, not to mention the additional questions that poured in. Now that the Lakeside at Waterman Village has officially opened, we are excited to respond to more of the questions we’ve received. If you have any questions not answered in these two blogs feel free to send them to us.


Does Lakeside at Waterman Village offer storage?

All our Garden Duplex homes come with either a one-and-a-half or two-car garage. You can easily add shelves to these, giving you terrific storage space for some of those things you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have space for in your new home. As for our Lakeside apartments, each one comes with a storage locker available for your use. They’re a great place to store luggage, golf clubs, off-season clothing, holiday decorations or other items. These storage lockers are provided at no extra cost to you.


Are the new Lakeside residences affordable? What if I only need a one-bedroom home?

When prospective residents see Lakeside for the first time, how beautiful the homes are, how elegant the restaurant is as well as how numerous the amenities are, some people wonder if it’s maybe too elegant, thinking, “can I afford a home here?” The good news (and one of Lakeside’s best kept secrets) is just how affordable it is. This is especially true when taking advantage of highly refundable entry fees and very affordable monthly service fees that start under $3000. And for those who only need one-bedroom, we have perfectly sized floor plans perfect for one person. The best part is, even our one bedroom homes include full-size kitchens, spacious bathrooms and a large, usable balcony/lanai, with everything you could want — dining dollars, internet, cable TV, utilities and more all included for under $3000 per month.


How many floor plans does Lakeside at Waterman Village Offer?

At Lakeside, we have spacious floor plans for every taste and style. There are four different floorplans each for our Lakehouse apartments and Garden Duplex homes. When it comes to the Lakeside Grand Apartment, Lakeside at Waterman Village is proud to say we have 10 different floorplans. No matter what your taste or preferences, we feel secure in saying we have the right home for you.


How do your “Dining Dollars” work?

There’s a lot of information to take in. It’s not always easy to digest it (sorry, we couldn’t resist). At Waterman Village, including the Lakeside our Independent living residents receive $750 dining dollars a quarter or $1500 per couple. This program is much more advantageous in comparison to communities that offer a ‘one meal a day program. Residents have much more flexibility to use their dining dollars whenever they wish throughout the quarter. You can use them in any of Waterman Village’s six dining venues. These dollars can also be used to pay for guest meals, so if you’re one of those who likes to pick up the tab when you dine out, you can still do it. If you were to eat breakfast in the Oaks Café, you might use 3 or 4 dining dollars. If you eat lunch or dinner in either The Oaks or Lakeside dining room, you might spend $10 or $11 dining dollars. If you wanted to eat dinner in the Five Star Bistro restaurant, you might use $20 or $30 dining dollars. In any event, we hope that helps clarify “dining dollars” for you.


Does Lakeside at Waterman Village have backup energy, generators or any kind of emergency plan?

As it happens, we have installed industrial-grade emergency backup generators in the Lakeside Grand Apartment and the Lakehouse Apartment buildings. If the power goes out in either building, the generators will supply electricity in designated areas until normal electrical service is restored. As for the Lakeside Garden homes, residents are invited to install their own backup generators for their property.


Can Lakeside residents utilize the dining and amenities offered at The Oaks?

,The simple answer is, yes. Lakeside residents have full access to all the common spaces and amenity areas at The Oaks at Waterman Village on the west side of Donnelly Street. A golf cart/pedestrian bridge has been built across Donnelly Street to make each community easily accessible to each other. The Oaks was Waterman Village’s first community. It was established in 1989. The Lakeside at Waterman Village, which just held its official opening, is still a part of Waterman Village, so residents there can share the same amenities as those living at The Oaks.

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