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Dear Abe: Why Should I Move to This Exciting New Community in Mount Dora? Discover the Answers to Your Top Questions.

July 29, 2022

Lakeside at Waterman Village is finally open, and residents are pouring in from all over the country! Each week more seniors, just like you, move in and continue to inquiry about the community. We have received countless questions from those who are trying to determine whether Lakeside is the right choice for their next move. In fact, we’ve received so many questions that Abe Zimmerman, Lakeside at Waterman Village’s Sales Manager, will be answering some of the top questions over the next couple of months.

We hope you enjoy the first in our “Dear Abe” series and that you’ll write in with your questions. Or you can reach out to talk with one of our team members. Subscribe to our emails to ensure you don’t miss future editions of the “Dear Abe” series and other blogs where you’ll learn about the Lakeside experience.

Dear Abe:  Why should I move to Lakeside when I could stay at home? Staying at home is probably less expensive and more convenient.

-From Wondering

Dear Wondering:  Great question! Your home is often where you feel most comfortable and it can be difficult to make a change. However, living at home is not always the most affordable or convenient option. When it comes to monetary costs, it’s important to consider everything you’re paying for now in your current home. From your mortgage to utilities and even the cost of home maintenance like landscaping, your monthly expenditures can add up quickly. Plus, you may have additional costs like home repairs, eating out with friends or your gym membership fee. And now with high gas prices, don’t forget about the costs of transportation to and from your favorite activities.

At Lakeside at Waterman Village, you only have to pay a one-time entrance fee and an ongoing monthly service fee. These fees help cover the costs of your beautiful residence, utilities, property taxes, insurance, first-class amenities, delectable dining and other available services. Remarkably, you’re likely to be able to obtain all the advantages of joining Lakeside without a major change in your budget.

What’s more, those pesky household chores that you either had to do yourself or pay a professional to take care of are no longer worries at Lakeside. We take care of that for you! You’ll never have to clean the gutters again! These are just a few of the things that are conveniently included in your monthly service fee.

Plus, if you ever choose to leave Lakeside, you may be eligible to receive a 75 percent to 90 percent refund on your entrance fee. Even if your healthcare needs ever change, you’ll have access to a full continuum of quality healthcare services right here on the Waterman Village campus. You don’t have to worry about the stressors of moving or finding a new home.

Dear Abe: I’m not the type to sit around all day. What’s there to do at Lakeside?

-From Active Senior

 Dear Active Senior: There’s plenty to do on our expansive and delightful campus! If you’re interested in to stay active, you could visit our state-of-the-art fitness center or swim some laps in our stunning outdoor pool. Once you’re done with your workout, you can relax at our spa. If you consider yourself a foodie, don’t worry – Lakeside at Waterman Village has a plethora of delicious dining options all on-campus. Plus, Lakeside at Waterman Village is located on the charming Lake Margaret. There, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, fishing, or just simply picnicking with your friends.

Don’t want to spend all day on-campus? Mount Dora has plenty of fun opportunities for seniors. From the fun-filled festivals to the beautiful parks and lakes, you truly have the opportunity to engage with an incredible community both on- and off-campus.

Lakeside residents also have the option to visit the neighboring Watering Village community, The Oaks, and take advantage of their dining and amenities. You can easily take a short golf cart ride over the bridge between the two campuses and enjoy new food, amenities and even get to know more welcoming neighbors.

Dear Abe: What are the people like at Lakeside?

-From Future Neighbor

Dear Future Neighbor: People who live at Lakeside at Waterman Village come from across the country and all walks of life. All are welcoming and excited to meet their neighbors! Some golf, others take flight and some even enjoy board games like mahjong.  If you’d like to get to know some of your future neighbors, you can read our interviews with them and discover how much fun they’re having at Lakeside.

Are you interested in joining your welcoming and excited neighbors and becoming part of a thrilling waterside lifestyle? Contact Lakeside at Waterman Village at 352-385-1120. Don’t wait, though—we only have a few luxurious residences available, ready to be called home by a few lucky seniors.

We’re also happy to chat if you’d like to submit a question for a future edition of our Dear Lakeside blogs!

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