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Beautiful Ideas: The Interior Design of Lakeside at Waterman Village

May 3, 2022

Lakeside at Waterman Village is soon to be one of Florida’s top retirement communities. That’s because of our full continuum of care, wellness-focused lifestyle and a wide array of social and educational activities that will be available to residents. Residents will enjoy the common areas on our beautiful campus, featuring interior design by 828 Design. Get to know Keri Moore-Muñiz and discover her beautiful interior design for Lakeside.

Keri’s history

Keri is the Founder and CEO of 828 Design with more than 10 years of experience in interior design. Keri’s career has focused on interior design for senior living organizations across 18 different states. Her firm is based in Austin, TX, but she has worked nationwide. She loves working on a community with as much vibrancy and energy as Lakeside at Waterman Village.

Inspiration from natural landscapes

Keri drew her inspiration from the many beautiful lakes located in Mount Dora. “It’s called Lake County for a reason,” Keri noted. The team started by creating two different lifestyle boards to show the finishes and living environments. Once the Lakeside team selected which board they liked, Keri and her team hit the ground running by selecting the furniture and finishes. “We started infusing a lot of wood-textured items and lots of blue tones. We even used textures inspired by alligators. We really tried to pull from the native environment and let that color palette guide what this community will be.”

Of course, Keri had to integrate Florida’s only freshwater lighthouse in the design of our community. “We used it as a backdrop for the dining room. It created a beautiful chain feature that separates the dining, pub area and bar zone. It has black and white with some soft blues. I can’t wait to see it at night,” Keri explained.

Artistic experiences

You can expect to experience some of Mount Dora’s amazing artistic works while at Lakeside at Waterman Village. “Mount Dora is an artsy town. We’ve commissioned some local artists to create some nice gallery walls and different things.” One feature of the Lakeside community that Keri is especially excited about is the beautiful and interactive mural featuring an alligator in a tree. This mural is located in the Lakeside Café. “It could be something very fun that residents can interact with when moving in. Even grandkids, staff and people visiting can take photos with the mural.” Residents can easily take photos with the mural in fun ways. Keri provided the example, “You could act like the alligator is holding your glass!”


Dining experiences

“We’ve created a nice coffee shop environment and we’re doing French chairs in there to make it look like a bistro,” Keri explained. “We wanted a tin-tile look on the walls of the bistro. We also had some planked wood that felt more like a dock by the fireplace,” she said.

Meanwhile, the main dining hall features beautiful views of the lake. Keri continued to draw inspiration from the lake for this part of the community. “We have decorative ropes we’re going to drape around the tables, which was inspired by a boat being tied to a dock,” she said. In addition to the main dining room, Lakeside at Waterman Village will feature a pub and private dining room that can be reserved by residents to enjoy with their families. At the pub, “we’ve designed a bar that can function in multiple ways – for celebrations, early brunches, even cooking classes or pizza with your grandkid.”

When asked what her favorite part of the new community is, Keri said she loves “the whole clubhouse. I’m excited to see what will happen out there.” Keri created a country kitchen with ample areas for food preparation. “We made a cute bank with off-the-side seating like a little breakfast nook.” Plus, Keri installed a disco ball, wall fountain and textured walls. “We really tried to be different,” she explained.

With the beautiful interior design that Keri and her team did, Lakeside at Waterman Village is shaping up to be the number one retirement destination in Florida. To learn more about our amazing community in the New England of the South, contact us at 352-385-1120.

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