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A Look Inside Lakeside at Waterman Village’s Dining!

February 26, 2020

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

While all of our residences have a full, modern kitchen that is perfect for creating family favorites and hosting get-togethers, one of the many perks of living at Lakeside at Waterman Village is the ability to dine exceptionally well – without having to do the cooking or cleaning! Our on-site dining options are many – and all offer phenomenal food and service.

You’ll have your choice of all of the Waterman Village restaurants, including the Lodge Café, the Lodge Dining Room and the Bistro. If you’d like to go across the street for dinner, our complimentary shuttle will pick you up and drop you off – right at your front door. If you’d rather stay in, delivery is also available. At Lakeside at Waterman Village, new additions will include:

  • A comfortable bistro, with a lounge and bar for casual all-day dining
  • A formal dining space for special occasions
  • A 24/7 micro market

But that’s not all. Lakeside at Waterman Village will also have a fantastic coffee shop with a full bar set up, and it will include multiple self-serve offerings through our Grab-N-Go program:

  • Soup
  • Snacks
  • Fresh bakery
  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Alcohol

Whether you’re looking to grab something quickly on your way out the door or for a relaxing evening with friends, Lakeside at Waterman Village’s dining options are sure to have something for you. We’re excited to share an artistic interpretation of what the formal dining area will look like when residents gather to dine together.

In our formal dining area, the seating is thoughtfully arranged to suit your mood and preferences on any particular night. Craving quiet solitude to finish reading a book while you eat? No problem! You can choose one of the smaller tables, which are also perfect for date nights. Dining with friends or family? The larger group tables have plenty of room to accommodate you.

And the serene scenery won’t disappoint, with large windows that overlook Lake Margaret, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views. Modern, comfortable furniture in an assortment of designs blends together to create a chic, elegant atmosphere, with a variety of contemporary lighting helping to set the tone of this inviting restaurant.

Here, you’ll dine on chef-prepared meals that reflect the best of local cuisine as well as special menus planned just for residents. No matter your dietary preferences or restrictions, Lakeside at Waterman Village will have delicious options that will allow you to dine well, so you can, as Virginia Woolf said, “think well, love well, sleep well.”

For more information about Lakeside at Waterman Village, click here to request a FREE info kit or call our team at 352-385-1120

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