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5 Benefits of Moving Early to Lakeside at Waterman Village

January 6, 2021

With construction moving right along, we’re excited to say that we’re on track to open the doors to this brand-new neighborhood early next year! If you’ve been thinking about joining us at Lakeside at Waterman Village around shimmering Lake Margaret, there’s never been a better time to connect.  You’ll want to get in touch soon so you can lock in the best-possible pricing and the location that’s perfect for you.

But the benefits of making the life-enhancing decision to join more than 100 forward-thinking older adults just like you go far beyond cost savings and location.

Here are five key benefits to placing a reservation deposit for this community expansion, and why moving early is the best path to an ideal retirement lifestyle here in Mount Dora.

  1. Brand-new everything!

Lakeside at Waterman Village offers an unmatched opportunity to be part of a community that’s entirely brand-new, yet also has the backing of the trusted Waterman Village right next door. And of course, you’ll be among the first to enjoy the brand-new customizable residences, resort-like amenities and invigoratingly fresh surroundings.

Just imagine on the day you take the keys, opening the door to a home that was crafted just for you and getting to make wonderful memories there in this new chapter. Here, you’ll also be opening the door to multiple new, life-enhancing amenities. Will you be the first one to turn a lap in our stunning outdoor pool, or hold your favorite yoga pose on the sundeck?

  1. A fresh start for every friendly neighbor

Everyone loves being a kid at heart, but nobody likes being the “new kid.” And at Lakeside at Waterman Village, nobody has to be! This is an added benefit of everyone joining the neighborhood around the same time. You’ll all be building new friendships and a true sense of community that will make this place the tightest-knit retirement community in central Florida.

Like with the dwindling availability of our brand-new residences, the longer you wait, the more you risk losing out on this important bonus of moving here sooner rather than later. Fresh starts like this truly only come around once, so get in touch to make sure it doesn’t pass you by!

  1. A place that’s built to be enjoyed to the fullest

We know that you didn’t retire to sit still. That’s why we are building Lakeside at Waterman Village with splendid, wellness-focused amenities and programming that are here for you to revel in every day. So, why not move here while you can enjoy it all to the fullest for years to come?

Many older adults think that they’re “not ready yet” when it comes to moving to a retirement community. However, one of the most common remarks we hear from members of the current Waterman Village community is, “I wish I’d have moved here sooner!” Plus, with so much to do right here—and just across the street—moving here earlier than you feel “ready” for will actually keep you spry longer! In fact, it’s been proven!

  1. Lock in a secure future

Perhaps more than ever, people seek peace of mind for the future. Fortunately, moving to Lakeside at Waterman Village is a way to secure about as much peace of mind as one can get. Like the current Waterman Village community, this new neighborhood will be the same type of “total retirement solution” that is relatively uncommon in the market.

In choosing to proactively plan for your future by moving here—rather than letting life events force your hand—you get the peace of mind in knowing:

  • You’ll always have a place here.
  • You’ll always be able to stay close to your friends and spouse.
  • You won’t have to rely on family or others to make difficult major decisions for you (e.g., when to sell the house, where to move, when/if to get help).

In simplest terms, making this choice keeps you in control of your future. With that, moving to Lakeside at Waterman Village is really the best gift you can give to your children.

  1. Time to transition

By placing a reservation deposit now, of course you get all the previously mentioned benefits for your future. There’s also one benefit that you can act on much sooner!

With your future residence reserved, you can then begin a smooth, steady transition into your new home. This means you can start resizing your life to fit the Lakeside at Waterman Village lifestyle. Get a head start by eliminating lots of the stress that comes from moving, all with more than a year before the moving van and crew arrive.

For example, right away you can plan what you’d like to bring to your new home based on its layout; figure out what to give to family, friends or charity; and start thinking of the personal touches you’d like to make to your new space.

This is probably the only instance where time is on your side, but only if you get in touch soon! Feel free to give our friendly team a call at 352-385-1120 or click here to request a private, personalized appointment at our Information Center.

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