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The Springwater memory support residence at Waterman Village, is currently under construction. We are now accepting names to the ‘contact us list’, so when further information becomes available, those who are interested will receive it.

The Springwater will offer:

  • 4 lovely / home-like neighborhoods, to help facilitate staff and resident engagement.
  • Beautiful living and dining areas.
  • An open-kitchen concept and dining area, with the feel of a regular residential-style kitchen.
  • Engaging programming for dining activities and different seating choices for your loved one.
  • Several TV and lounge spaces throughout the building for residents to choose from, where they feel most comfortable.
  • Activity/art studio views to the outside, that incorporate natural light into the interior spaces.
  • Various life-skill and engagement stations in each neighborhood, to help stimulate resident activity and involvment, especially for those who like to walk inside.
  • A small theatre for watching movies & other flexible activities.
  • A boutique-like Salon & Spa area.
  • A state-of-the-art sensory room with various types of lighting for sensory stimulation.
  • Safe interior courtyards for outdoor living, dining and lounge seating.
  • Private rooms with beautiful finishes and luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Staff support areas strategically placed to ensure the highest level of care.

We are excited to be bringing this new living space, to the Waterman Village family of living and service areas.


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