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Senior Living Placement / Referral Agencies

While our residents and family members have discovered that Waterman Village is one of the top ranked and most preferred senior living providers in Florida, you may notice that we are often not referred by senior living placement/referral agencies such as A Place for Mom or Most senior living placement/referral agency services are free to the public, but, they come with exorbitant referral fees to senior living providers like us, Waterman Village. So, we have chosen not to contract with them, because, the high referral fees that most charge, would just have be passed along to our residents in higher monthly fees

So, don’t be surprised if you speak with a senior living placement representative or referral agency, or visit their website, and discover that Waterman Village is not mentioned or listed as an option for you to explore.  It’s because we have not contracted with them for reasons mentioned above.

We prefer to avoid the bias and fend off the hidden fees to you. We would rather invite you for a visit to find out for yourself, why we believe that Waterman Village is the best place for you or your loved one. We are glad that you found us and would be delighted if you contact us to learn more.

We recently moved into Waterman Village after a 2-year wait, and it has already been well worth the wait! We searched for over a year; and after visiting many places, we decided on Waterman as our future permanent home. What brought us here is the friendliness of the staff, the tree-lined neighborhood atmosphere, the professionally-run community, the many amenities, and the fact that we can get part of our entrance fee back. So happy we chose Waterman! Thank you Lord, and thank you Waterman Village”!

Richard & Jean