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Lakeside at Waterman Village


Moving to one of Waterman Village’s full-service, progressive, multi-level of living retirement communities while ‘STILL’ independent and active, is actually the best way one can increase their chances of ‘REMAINING’ independent and active, as long as possible throughout life. 


For information on our exciting brand new second active retirement community called Lakeside, click the logo above.  Lakeside will be located directly across from the existing The Oaks retirement community.  Planned residences include beautiful Garden duplex homes with garages and the Lakeside Grand & Lakehouse apartment homes with covered parking and valet parking service.  

Like ‘The Oaks’, Lakeside residents will have priority access to the Bridgewater Assisted Living apartment residence and the Edgewater Health & Rehabilitation Center if needed, as well as the services of the Waterman Village Home Care Agency, the Waterman Village Outpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Clinic, and the CVS Pharmacy at Waterman Village.  Lakeside will have its own dining facilities, wellness amenities, and covered parking. 

Lakeside residents can choose from 0%, 50% and 80-90% entry fee refund plans.  Lakeside Grand Apartment Home entry fees begin at $133,000, with monthly service fees beginning at $2,500 for a single person.  A Garden Home entry fee option is available with an entry fee beginning at $276,000 and monthly fee beginning at $3,700 for one person.  What’s included?

A priority/Lakeside club member list has started.  For a $100 deposit (fully refundable), you can join the Lakeside club. Lakeside club members are now being contacted in priority order, and are being given the opportunity to make a 10% (fully refundable) reservation deposit, and actually reserve an available residence of their choice. 

Scroll down to see some images, as well a short aerial video of the site, taken from the 3rd floor of where the Lakeside Grand buildings will be.  Contact Abe, Pamela, or Ingrid to receive more information about this very exciting expansion of Waterman Village. You’ll find their contact information on the Lakeside web page or you can call: (352) 385-1120. 


Unlike many continuing-care or life-plan communities, if you’re on the wait list for Lakeside or The Oaks, and you develop a chronic health condition, we won’t automatically rule you out from moving to an independent living residence.


The Lakehouse apartment home residences are very modern and spacious, and come with convenient ‘under building’ parking.

The Lakeside Grand apartment home buildings will be located on the shores of beautiful Lake Margaret.  A walking path around Lake Margaret is also planned.

Each Lakeside Grand apartment home will have a spacious enclosed/screened in porch area, along with an assigned COVERED parking space. Complimentary valet parking service will also be available.



Lakeside ideally and uniquely offers an entry-fee refund plan where one can receive between 85-90% back of their original entry fee paid, no matter how many years they live at Lakeside.  This avoids a feeling of ‘being trapped’, like you can never move again. Because, if a resident desires/needs to move out, they can still receive the bulk of their original entry fee monies that they paid, back.  Unlike some communities, where after you’ve lived there only a few years, there is no refund back if you need/desire to move out. A very important consideration to think about, before choosing a life-plan, continuing care, multi-level, or progressive living community.

At ‘The Oaks’, Waterman Village’s existing retirement community, independent living residents typically utilize the on-campus nursing center primarily on a short term basis.  These short term stays are often already covered by a resident’s Medicare or insurance plan.  Only 2% of the current nursing center ‘long-term’ residents, formerly lived in The Oaks. Nursing home usage is declining across the U.S., hospitals are being incentivized for not discharging their patients to nursing homes, and ‘in-home care’ services are helping The Oaks residents, remain in their independent living residences longer, thus further reducing the need for long term assisted living or nursing home care.

Moving to the Lakeside Retirement Community at Waterman Village, will be an ideal choice, for persons who already possess long-term care insurance.


An aerial view of the location of the new Lakeside at Waterman Village Retirement Community, to be located on the shores of Lake Margaret. Located just east of the current ‘Oaks at Waterman Village’ retirement community.



We recently moved into Waterman Village after a 2-year wait, and it has already been well worth the wait! We searched for over a year; and after visiting many places, we decided on Waterman as our future permanent home. What brought us here is the friendliness of the staff, the tree-lined neighborhood atmosphere, the professionally-run community, the many amenities, and the fact that we can get part of our entrance fee back. So happy we chose Waterman! Thank you Lord, and thank you Waterman Village”!

Richard & Jean