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Waterman Village – the Orlando – Central Florida area’s ‘TOTAL’ Retirement Community Campus – since 1989


Moving to Waterman Village and into one of our independent living residences at either The Oaks or Lakeside, while ‘STILL’ independent and active, is actually the best way one can increase their chances of ‘REMAINING’ independent and active, as long as possible throughout life. Learn why.

As of 3/22/20, since they are both located before our main gain and outside the main entry to our existing community The Oaks, our two Independent Living Information Centers, The Oaks (141 Waterman Avenue) and Lakeside (150 Waterman Avenue), are both still open for telephone, in-person, or virtual appointments.

The Oaks: (352) 385-1126  –

Lakeside” (352) 385-1120  –


Waterman Village Tennis John & Joy Resident QuoteOlder woman and trainer working out

We often hear from people who say: “we’ve visited numerous retirement communities across Florida, but, the atmosphere and environment at Waterman Village, and in Mount Dora, was something extra special”. So, we encourage you to come and visit Waterman Village for yourself, and discover why not only is Mount Dora ‘someplace special’, but, Waterman Village as well.  We celebrated our 30th year last year, helping our residents live their best lives possible.  Well-established, solid/proven leadership, not-for-profit, locally operated, on-site management, industry leader, the best location, and mission-driven.  All very important factors when researching a retirement community.

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Engaged Residents

Most people think of retirement as living life somewhat behind the scenes. But for many residents at Waterman Village, senior life is being lived right out there with everyone else.

Whether reigniting their life with a new pursuit, or continuing an old passion, these Waterman Village residents are leading vital, robust lives in the community with arts, business and philanthropy – sometimes all three – filling their days.

We think you’ll find them some of the most inspiring neighbors you’ll meet anywhere! Here are just a few of the amazing folks who call The Oaks retirement community at Waterman Village, home. 

Lifelong teaching

Kathleen & David
Once, Twice, Three Times a Teacher

A Nursing Career That Spans 40 Years

A Nursing Career That Spans 40 Years

Crafts, Concerts & Cruises for Cancer

Crafts, Concerts & Cruises for Cancer

Mastering the Art of Retirement

Artha & Mike
Mastering the Art of Retirement

The Roadrunner of Central Florida

The Roadrunner of Central Florida

Building Riches Though Volunteering

Gloria & Joel
Building Riches Though Volunteering











Kathy & Bill

Giving back to the community, through loving volunteer service.

I think Waterman Village is a great place to live. It has everything on premises – a nursing facility, assisted living apartments and independent villas which are roomy and beautiful. The staff is outstanding and the residents are like family. You can be as active and social as you choose or you can be by yourself. There is even a Bistro on premises which is a charming little cozy restaurant with good food. There are activities for everyone from cards, coffee socials, happy hours, lawn bowling, a fitness center and golf ,too. Don’t wait too long to get here.