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Lakeside and The Oaks – two independent living campuses at Waterman Village


“Moving to one of Waterman Village’s retirement communities, while STILL independent and active, is the best way one can REMAIN independent and active, as long a possible throughout life. It really is the best gift one can give to their children”



You can schedule an appointment to meet with us in person, we can speak with you by phone, or, if you are already familiar with an on-line video conferencing platform such as Facebook, FaceTime, Skype, GOOGLE Duo, Zoom, WebEx, or other platform, we enjoy speaking with people this way as well. Just call us to schedule a day and time.

Are you on the list or have you made a deposit at another retirement community? Discover why many have chosen to change their plans and move to Waterman Village instead, after they’ve excitingly discovered Florida’s best kept retirement community and retirement town secrets, Waterman Village and Mount Dora, FL.


The Oaks Independent Living Information Center – 141 Waterman Avenue

(352) 385-1126


Lakeside Independent Living Information Center – 150 Waterman Avenue

(352) 385-1120


Waterman Village Tennis John & Joy Resident QuoteOlder woman and trainer working out

We often hear from people who say: “we’ve visited numerous retirement communities across Florida, but, the atmosphere and environment at Waterman Village, and the town of Mount Dora, were something extra special”. So, we encourage you to come and visit Waterman Village for yourself, and discover why not only is Mount Dora ‘someplace special’, but Waterman Village as well.  We celebrated our 30th year last year helping our residents live their best lives possible.  Well-established, experienced leadership, not-for-profit organization, locally operated, on-site management, the best retirement community location in Central Florida, extensive facilities and services that can’t be matched, and mission-driven.  All very important factors when choosing a retirement community.

The Oaks and soon to be Lakeside, are two of the few retirement communities in the State of Florida that are located on the same site where assisted living and nursing care facilities are available, and you don’t have to pay extra entrance and monthly service fees monies for nursing home insurance. Because, for the vast majority of seniors (96%), that’s not a very good use of one’s hard earned financial resources. Less than 4% of seniors over the age of 65 live in nursing homes.  And, at Waterman Village’s Edgewater nursing center, the vast majority of admissions are short-term, which are already covered by most people’s Medicare and supplemental insurance plans.  Only 2% of the Edgewater nursing home’s current long-term residents, formerly lived in an independent living residence at The Oaks.

All of these above facts, make Waterman Village a wise financial choice, when comparing progressive living, multi-level of living, continuing care, life care, or life plan retirement communities across Florida.

Click here to watch a short video on factors to think about before choosing a retirement community, from an leading industry expert of nearly 40 years

Engaged Residents

Most people think of retirement as living life somewhat behind the scenes. But for many residents at Waterman Village, senior life is being lived right out there with everyone else.

Whether reigniting their life with a new pursuit, or continuing an old passion, these Waterman Village residents are leading vital, robust lives in the community with arts, business and philanthropy – sometimes all three – filling their days.

We think you’ll find them some of the most inspiring neighbors you’ll meet anywhere! Here are just a few of the amazing folks who call The Oaks at Waterman Village, home. 

Lifelong teaching

Kathleen & David
Once, Twice, Three Times a Teacher

A Nursing Career That Spans 40 Years

A Nursing Career That Spans 40 Years

Crafts, Concerts & Cruises for Cancer

Crafts, Concerts & Cruises for Cancer

Mastering the Art of Retirement

Artha & Mike
Mastering the Art of Retirement

The Roadrunner of Central Florida

The Roadrunner of Central Florida

Building Riches Though Volunteering

Gloria & Joel
Building Riches Though Volunteering











Kathy & Bill

Giving back to the community, through loving volunteer service.

My wife and I moved to Waterman Village 2 yrs. ago after looking for a place we could call our forever home.  We are very happy we chose this place as the staff and residents are the best , you can do as much or as little as you want as far as activities go and is a great place to enjoy our retirement years.  It is nice to live in a safe , quiet , gated community that is very well laid out and landscaped . We are living our best life.

Steve and Catherine