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The Oaks and Lakeside Retirement Communities

Many of our independent living residence types/styles have waiting periods, we encourage you to inquire now/plan ahead



The ideal rate plans for multi-level of living / full-service retirement communities

Waterman Village uniquely offers entry-fee refund plans where residents receive 70-90% back of their original entry fee paid, no matter how many years they live at Waterman Village.  This avoids a feeling of ‘being trapped’. Because, if an independent living resident desires/needs to move out, and this can happen, they will still receive the bulk of their original entry fee that they paid back.  Unlike many communities, where after you’ve lived there only a few years, there is a much lower percentage of refund back, or, there is no refund back at all if one desires to move out or passes away.  A very important consideration to think about, before choosing a life-plan, life-care, continuing care, multi-level, or progressive living community.

Some communities in FL that offer independent living, assisted living, and a nursing center on the same site, require large entry fees that are completely non-refundable after just a few years of residency, in order to offer a discounted rate in the community’s on-campus nursing home if ever needed.  For the vast majority of new independent living retirement community residents, this is not a financial benefit. Why?

  • The large majority (90+%) of Waterman Village’s independent living residents, who require services in Waterman Village’s on-site nursing center, require it only on a ‘short-term’ basis.  These short term stays are often already covered by their Medicare and/or insurance plans. 
  • Only 2% of the residents who currently reside in Waterman Village’s nursing center’s ‘long-term’ area, formerly lived in Waterman Village’s independent living area.
  • Home care services offered by the Waterman Village Home Health Care Agency, located right on site, are helping Waterman Village independent living residents remain in their homes longer, thus further reducing the need for ‘long-term’ nursing home care.
  • Currently, there is only one situation here at Waterman Village, where one spouse is living in their independent living residence, and the other spouse is living in Waterman Village’s nursing center.


The benefits to adults by moving to Waterman Village early, and not waiting until later or when a crisis occurs?

      • Have made a permanent / future plan. No need to have to make ‘another’ major/future move.
      • The comprehensive/robust activity calendar helps one maintain their overall optimal health longer, compared to living alone.

      • No need to worry about how or where to obtain future health facilities and/or health services, should their health needs increase, thus increasing their personal independence.

      • They’ve planned ‘their own futures’ (not family or others ‘for’ them)

      • Spouses/siblings/friends can always live close to one another, should one require short term rehabilitation following a hospital stay.

“Moving to a Waterman Village retirement community, while ‘STILL’ independent and active, is actually the best way one can increase their chances of ‘REMAINING’ independent and active, as long as possible throughout life”. It really is the best gift one can give to their children”


“Moving to a Waterman Village retirement community, is the ideal choice, for those who already possess long-term care insurance”

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