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Brain Wellness Academy for Seniors



Many of us have concerns about memory loss, but, keeping our brains sharp involves more than being able to remember names. Improving brain function can positively impact our mood, our health, and our social interactions and relationships.

Under the direction of Coleen Connolly, our full-time coordinator, the Waterman Village Brain Wellness Academy for Seniors, conducts brain fitness classes and other mind stimulating programs to help people remain mentally fit. The classes last eight weeks, and are limited to 10 persons. The tuition includes all classes, activities and class materials. All classes are open to the public!

The Dakim room consists of 5 desktop workstations. Each workstation is loaded with Dakim BrainFitness professional software.  Designed for senior living, the Dakim BrainFitness Professional software program has been clinically proven to significantly improve memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities, the two aspects of cognitive function that (1

) have the greatest impact on quality of life; (2) are the most noticeable to individuals, and; (3) are of the greatest concern to people over age 50—memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities.

A pilot program of the Brain Fitness Class was researched by the

 Adventist University of Health Science, which found that the class yielded a significant increase in attendees ability to cope with positive feelings and diminish depression (the number one illness among seniors).

Why participate in Brain Fitness?

What do past participants in the Brain Fitness Classes have to say about the experience? Listed below are just a few comments from some of the past program attendees, who answered the question, “How has the brain fitness class changed you for the better?”

“I have benefited greatly, both physically and in a return of my optimistic spirit. I had regressed! I am not sure I had fully recognized that before”. – J.H.

“I am trying to be more mindful, observant and attentive. I learned the importance of relaxation techniques. My piano playing exercises the brain. I am motivated to get back to my old habit of playing at least a half hour daily and doing more physical exercises at home”. – V.L.

“My balance has improved. I rarely need to hang on to my chair during exercise time. It has encouraged me to continue with the exercises and become more aware of the good that they do for me”. – M.C.

For more information on the Brain Wellness Academy for Seniors, contact our coordinator Coleen Connolly.            

(352) 383-0051, ext. 313

Coleen Connolly

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